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5 steps to create a PDF file from Word, Excel and PowerPoint Document

There are many free software’s available in the market to create a PDF file from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint but the best software to use are

  1. doPDF
  2. CutePDF

These software’s available for free in the market.

Steps to Create a PDF File From Word, Excel And PowerPoint Document

Step 1: First install any of the above software.

Step 2: Open the document, which you want to convert into PDF.

Step 3: After opening the document select print option ( Use CTRL+P )

Step 4: Now you will see a popup window, Here you had to select the above installed software.

Step 5: Click ok and Select the place where you want to save the PDF file.

Download Link:

  • doPDF :
  • CutePDF :

Other Softwares

  • Verypdf :
  • Nitropdf :

Online PDF Converter

  • Zamzar :