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5 Steps To set Picture Password in Windows 8

5 Steps To set Picture Password

Step 1

  • Move your mouse to the right corner of the desktop and select ‘Settings’.

Step 2

  • Click on ‘PC change settings’ Click on the users. Now the following screen appears.

Step 3

  • Now click on ‘Create picture password’.

Step 4

  • It asks you to confirm the current password. So type your password and click ‘OK’.
  • Now the screen appears explaining how to set picture password. Click on choose picture.
  • Select your picture and click OK.

Step 5

  • Now it asks you to set up gestures. You have to draw three gestures by drawing circles, lines, taps etc.
  • Repeat drawing three gestures to confirm it.
  • Finally click ‘Finish’ to complete this setup.

Now restart your PC a login screen appears, draw the same three gestures and you will get access. Comment Your views below. Click For Shortcut Shutdown Button For Windows 8