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Best 5 Screen Recording Softwares For Windows And Mac Free Download

Screen recording is a very common feature used by many how-to tutorial video makers and people who upload game walkthroughs on social media websites. Screen recording enables the user to record the happenings on the monitor and then save it in the form of a video file on the computer. Screen recording Programs can be utilized by schools or by a broad scope of companies. Screen recorders can also be used to direct someone to perform tasks on his computer remotely. There are many Screen Recorders available on the internet. Given are the top five screen recorders available for free download.

Download Best Screen Recording Softwares For Windows 8.1,7, XP

Ezvid Screen Recorder

Ezvid is a screen recorder that comes with an added feature of a built-in video editor to reduce the burden on the user. However, there is no way to save/export the recording to the hard drive. However, you can directly upload the video to many of the leading social media websites through the software. The user can add pictures, sounds, and voices to the video too. Ezvid’s ‘Gaming Mode‘ enables the user to record the gameplay of a game in windowed mode.

BlueBerry FlashBack Express Recorder

BlueBerry FlashBack Express enables the user to use the webcam to record himself while recording the monitor. This is a boon to how-to tutorial makers, as the crowd appreciates such worthy efforts. The software exports the video to the computer in AVI format if a webcam was not used.

Screenr Screen Recorder Software

Screenr is an incredible way to record your desktop activities without having to actually install the software. The software runs with the aid of Java and requires an account to integrate. The recordings are saved to the account and can have a maximum runtime of 5:00 minutes. These videos can later be exported to the computer or can be directly uploaded to websites.

Download Best Screen Recording Software For MAC

Voila Screen Recorder

Voila  Screen Recorder, is simply an extremely robust and customizable screen capturing software for Mac. The app comes bundled up with many custom options for taking screenshots and excellent screencasting. Voila also supports external audio and video inputs too. Voila also has options to directly upload the recordings to many social media websites.

QuickCast Screen Recorder

QuickCast is an app that quickly gets you up to record short recordings of three or fewer minutes. You can choose to capture a specific part of the screen using this app and the recorded video is saved into your QuickCast account. This app is the perfect solution if you’re fond of recording a lot of short records.

Everybody, ranging from middle-school student to a businessman use screen recorders for many various purposes. Many screen recorders are released every day into the business, but then a few remarkable ones stand out from the group. All the recorders mentioned above are available for free download from their websites.