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Way to Change Blogger Admin Email Address

Introduction About “Modify Blogger Admin Email Address”

There may be times it my occur that Blog/Blogspot Users(Blogger) may want to modify their existing email addresses on thier Blogs or they want to move their Blog between email adresses. Our Blog will help users those who wants to change their existing email accounts. If you want to change email address on your blog, the important thing that you should remember is that you should not delete your admin email incautiously on your blog by doing so you will lose data permanently.

Way To Change Blogger Admin Email Address

Follow These Steps To Change Blogger Admin Email Address

Step 1

Log on to your Blog using your existing gmail ID which has admin rights.

Step 2

Navigate to the top right side of your Blog page and select Design>Setting

Step 3

Click on >Add authors>Permissions section of the page.

Step 4

Add your new gmail account as a new author.

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Step 5

Sign-out of your Blog and gmail account.

Step 6

Logon to your gmail account with your new gmail ID to assign Author permissions.

Step 7

You will receive an invitation mail for you to authorize as author and accept that invitation mail.

Step 8

Logon with your old(Admin)gmail ID

Step 9

Navigate to Design>Settings> Permissions.

Step 10

Assign admin privileges to your new gmail ID which will give admin rights to both of your gmail accounts.

Now log on to your Blog with new gmail ID and take control of your Blog. If you want to remove your old(admin) gmail follow below steps. Navigate to Design>Settings> Permissions and click next to your old email, this will disassociates with your Blog.