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Compare Two Files or Folders In Windows 8 | 7 | XP

Sometimes a situation may occur where you have to compare two files folders to sort out the duplicates or merge them.

Here in this article, I am going to tell you about the software that is used to compare two files or folders on the Windows operating system. These tools help you to find the difference between the two files or directories side by side in a visual format.

Free Compare Two Files Folders  Software


WinMerge is an open-source freeware software, which is used to compare files and folders side by side on a visual editor.

Using WinMerge we can compare files like Microsoft Word Documents, Excel Sheets, PDF files, and the differences are highlighted and shown side by side.

The software works only on the Windows Operating system and is Available in multilingual.

Directory Compare

Directory compare is a free utility tool used to compare two directories side by side.

Using directory compare you can copy, rename, move files between the directories or other directories.

The software is a fifteen days trial version that works on Windows operating system.

Download Directory compare software here


FreeFileSync is free software developed on Sourceforge used to compare and synchronize files between two directories.

The tool has a complex user interface and High optimized performance available in Multi-languages.


PathSync is also a similar tool used to compare two directories.

It provides nifty statistics during synchronization. After comparison, the user can select which file to overwrite and which file to delete.

Download PathSync here

I hope you all like this article, If you know any other software which belongs to the above category let us know through comments