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How to Create a New Hard Disk Drive Partition Without Formatting In Windows

In case you guys haven’t noticed, you don’t need to format your Hard Disk Drive partition. It’s really simple and easy to partition the Hard Disk Drives in any operating system now, let me guide you the process of how it’s done in Windows as it is the most commonly used operating software in PC’s today.

Hard Disk Drive Partition

Let’s start by hitting on the start button.

Right click on My Computer and select manage option.

This will open up the Computer management tab and so as we are dealing with memory here look for storage

Click on storage option and underneath that you’ll find disk management which might just take a fraction of time to open up if you got a highly configured system. Here you will find all the information about disks present in your system.

Now select any one disk comprising of more free space compared to all the disks

Right click on the selected drive.

Select the option named Shrink Volume which will use the existing Hard Disk memory space and create a new drive. After querying up whether the shrinking is possible, it will open up a new tab.

Enter the size to shrink in the new drive, remember always in MB’s.

Click on Shrink and a new Drive space is generated.

Right click on the New Drive and select new simple volume. Then clicking next will take you to assigning a letter to the disk and even set a path of the partition. After you name your drive click on next till you finish the process.

There you go in no time without any formatting you got yourself partitioned a new drive. Now here creation is done.

This should definitely help the ones with partitioning issues.

And you don’t need any third party (as in tools from the internet) to do this stuff.