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Dematerialize – 7 Little Words Puzzle Answers

If you’re stumped for an answer to the Seven Little Words clue, Dematerializes 7 Little Words Puzzle answers, here’s the solution to the puzzle. This will help you to figure out the answer to the current 7 Little Words puzzle.

About 7 Little Words

Seven Little Words is a fun word game that you can play. The game was created by Blue Ox Technologies. When played, it will reveal 7 words. The game was designed by Blue Ox, where you must find 7 words in a grid of 4×5. Each letter is hidden and requires a group of four letters to form an answer.

The game will also give you an explanation of each answer and if it is correct. It is not penalized for incorrect answers. There is no time limit, so you have all day to get it right!

Dematerialize 7 Little Words PuzzleAnswer

Once you’ve figured out how to play, let’s take an overview of the solution to this clue. Dematerialize is this week’s 7 Little Words puzzle.


13 characters

Definition of Dematerialize 7 Little Words Answer

disappear, vanish, go away (verb)

get lost, as without warning or explanation

“He disappeared without a trace.”

2. vanish, disappear, go away (verb)

become invisible or unnoticeable

“The effect vanished when day broke.”

3. fly, fell, vanish (verb)

pass away rapidly

“Time flies like an arrow”; “Time fleeing beneath him.”

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