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Free Desktop Sharing With ShowMyPC Download For Windows 8.1, 7, XP

ShowMyPC is a remote access connection app installed on a PC. Show my PC is a feature that allows sharing of content on your desktop over the web. Show my PC can be used in business in sharing views on commodities and allows clients to view what a business offers while giving you a chance to work on their issues. It is relevant to technicians in case of a breakdown on the desktop.

ShowMyPc Remote Support Desktop Sharing Free Download For Windows 8,7, XP

ShowMyPc Main Features

  • ShowMyPc allows remote access to the PC as if you are directly in front of the desktop enables management of the PC from anywhere on the web
  • ShowMyPc has no limited number of participants thus allowing as many participants as possible, especially in meetings and conferences
  • ShowMyPc allows for video recording which can be used later for reference or to show partners.
  • ShowMyPc allows for technical support in cases of breakdown avoiding phone calls to tech guys, this includes online technical support Show PC also allows the invitation of colleagues and friends to share your PC by the fact it has a chat board.

ShowMyPc pricing and licensing Information

Show my PC pricing varies by the different packages the packages are; premium which is fourteen dollars per month and allows three PCs, professional nineteen dollars per month and connects six PCs, business thirty-nine dollars per month and connects 13 PCs and, the enterprise for forty-nine dollars per month for 20 PCs. All packages go with two months free if paid for a year. Show my PC complies with the provisions of the GNU license, it operates at an ‘arm’s length’ to the VNC code as per GNU GPL’s recommendations. The unmodified core VNC files are extracted in the temp folder after the ShowMypc app is launched.

ShowMyPc vs Team Viewer

In compassion Team viewer is an app that allows one to connect remotely to multiple numbers of PC and different workstations. It allows for automatic connection and partners’ IDs are displayed on both computers. Team viewer is effective for multiple workstations while Show my PC is effective for the management of work on PC from home. ShowMypc is preferably better compared to Teamviewer in that it has better terms of pricing, unlike Teamviewer where a subscription as a life member may lead to loss if not satisfied, Show my PC has a chat function and, it is easy to use compared to Teamviewer.

ShowMyPc Connection Errors And Solutions

A number of errors may occur but with easy solutions, you overcome them; cannot connect-check if you have enough memory. Cannot be found- log of remote computer and add yourself