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Fios Not Working In My Area – Why Isn’t Fios In My Area

Verizon Fios problems can destroy your home life and turn all your favorite devices into paperweights. If you’re having issues with Verizon cable or Verizon Internet service, use this breakdown of common Verizon Fios problems and fixes to get everything working again without a service call.

Solving common Verizon Fios problems without a service call is critical because waiting for an appointment can have dire consequences.

If you’re working from home, you need working Wi-Fi to connect with your teammates and plan. Expect to hang out at a coffee shop or library until your Wi-Fi issues are resolved.

After a long day at work, watch your favorite show. Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video won’t work without reliable internet access.

Why Is Verizon Fios Internet Not Working?

Verizon Fios Internet can sometimes encounter issues that disrupt your online experience. These issues can come from a variety of sources, including connectivity issues, router or modem issues, service outages, or device-related complications. You can follow a series of troubleshooting steps to diagnose and resolve these issues.

Troubleshooting Procedure

1. Restart The Router:

Locate the power cord attached to the router and carefully unplug it to disconnect the power, allowing the router to reset.

2. Please Wait Patiently:

Wait about a minute to make sure the router shuts down completely. This downtime helps discharge any remaining electrical charge and allows the router’s internals to reset and reconfigure.

3. Reconnect The Router:

After waiting, securely plug the power cord back into the router and connect it to a power source, making sure the connection is tight to avoid interruption.

4. Test Your Internet Connection:

Once the router turns back on, give it a moment to establish a connection with your ISP. Pay attention to the router’s indicator lights, which can provide an overview of the connection status. Try to connect to the internet on your devices and check if the issue has been resolved.

Outage Verification

In the event of a Fios Internet outage, you can access valuable information through your personal Verizon account on their dedicated support website. This resource allows you to check outages and get detailed updates.

Why Is Verizon Fios Internet Not Working?

You can also find real-time information about Verizon services, including wireless and home Internet, on the Downdetector website. This platform provides up-to-date reports on outages, offering a broader view of the situation.

Important Note

In some areas, such as Evansville, Indiana, users are reporting Verizon service outages. In such cases, it is important to avoid unnecessary calls to 911 to determine network status. Law enforcement agencies have asked the public to refrain from doing so as it can hinder their ability to quickly respond to real emergencies.


Verizon Fios Internet offers high-speed connectivity through a state-of-the-art fiber optic network that provides excellent Verizon Internet speeds and a variety of advanced features. If you follow the troubleshooting steps and stay informed about outages, you can ensure that you have trouble-free use of Verizon Fios internet.