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GRAMHIR – All About the Instagram Analytics Tool You Need To Know

Gramhir, formerly known as Gramho, is a viewer and analysis application for Instagram that lets you do analyses on various profiles. It lets you see things like the average number of likes and comments on a profile, the interval between postings, and much more.

Although excels at what it does, there are numerous alternatives available, including Path Social, Toolzu, Sweetagram, Social Monitor, and others. However, Inflact is a better substitute for Gramhir. Inflact has practical functions and is simple to use in addition to providing excellent analytics.

Gramhir Instagram viewer facilitates your own profile analysis as well. Without even creating an Instagram account, you can view profiles anonymously.

Gramhir is less effective as an Instagram viewer tool since it isn’t always accurate. For instance, it frequently misses stories or videos that a profile has uploaded, reporting that the profile doesn’t have any posts when in fact it has.

Moreover, I tried using Gramhir’s hashtag research tab, but it didn’t seem to function. Entering a hashtag in the search word, such as “#internetmarketing,” just resulted in a 404 error.

That’s exactly the reason I decided to write this piece. Let’s examine each of the Gramhir substitutes in further depth. It will benefit us by giving us more choices.

What is Gramhir

It’s a program that quickly evaluates and shows Instagram profiles without requiring registration. You may access it as a web-based program or on a desktop. It also has a variety of settings that make it an excellent tool for marketing and social media professionals. It is a great tool for researching user demographics, interests, and behavior. is also useful for identifying possible clients and followers.

What is an Instagram Viewer Tool?

A software app or online service known as an Instagram viewer tool enables users to see Instagram material, including images, videos, and stories, without requiring them to sign into an Instagram account. Among the many uses for these tools include downloading Instagram material and seeing both private and public Instagram profiles.

GRAMHIR Instagram Viewer

When and Why to Use an Instagram Viewer?

You might wish to utilize an Instagram viewer tool for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most typical causes:

  • Viewing private Instagram accounts: You may use an Instagram viewer tool to see private Instagram profiles. You may view the profile’s images, videos, and stories by using these methods to get beyond Instagram’s privacy restrictions.
  • Downloading Instagram material: You may use an Instagram viewer tool to download Instagram content, including images, videos, and stories. You may save the information to your phone or computer with these options.
  • To do competition or brand research: You may observe a rival’s Instagram posts by using an Instagram viewer tool. You may learn more about their target market, brand voice, and marketing approach from this.
  • To monitor your Instagram engagement: If you are a marketer on Instagram, you may monitor your engagement numbers by using an Instagram viewer tool. You can observe which posts are performing poorly and which ones are performing well with this.

Best Top Gramhir (Formerly, Gramho) Alternatives


Inflact is the most effective substitute for Gramhir. Compared to Gramhir, it provides a far greater variety of facts and information. Put in your username first. First, you’ll notice some basic data, including the number of followers, posts, and average user activity on the account.

You may use average user activity as a statistic to gauge a profile’s true popularity and level of involvement. A profile that has a low user activity rate may have a large number of phony followers.

It also shows the average number of posts made by the account each day, week, and month. Additionally, you’ll observe how those measures have evolved from the prior month to the present one.

A similar chart shows the average activity generated by the account per weekday and time of day.  Another metric shows the average number of posts per weekday and the time of day for the profile. To determine the optimal times to post, compare the two charts.

Another graphic shows the most common time to post on the profile as well as the days on which the account posts the most.

Since it increases the number of individuals who view your message, posting at the appropriate time is essential for increasing interaction. You won’t gain as much exposure if you post while fewer of your followers are online.

The ideal posting time, however, will vary depending on your niche and target audience. That’s why it’s so beneficial to see what productive influencers in your industry are doing and when they publish.

To view the user’s posts with the most comments, scroll down. You can then observe which posts generate the most attention and engagement.

Story downloads are not possible on Instagram itself. In addition, the individual who submitted the article will know that you have seen it.

To discover profiles, use the User Search feature. You may input data like this:

  • A keyword
  • Phone number
  • email address
  • URL of the website

Path Social

You may investigate any Instagram account with the help of Path Social’s free Instagram investigation tool. Although it gives basic details like how many followers and uploads the account has, it also includes more information that Gramhir does not.

It displays, for instance, the most popular hashtags and caption terms from the account, which you may employ to increase interaction rates. You may also see the most popular post time for the profile.

You can even see a graph on Path Social that illustrates how many posts the account publishes in a given week.


Moreover, Path Social is more beneficial than Gramhir since it offers a number of additional capabilities. While its Fonts Generator lets you select from over 100 font styles to use on your Instagram to stand out, be different, and attract attention, the Instagram Viewer lets you explore a profile anonymously.

Lastly, its free hashtag generation and analysis tool is among the most helpful tools. Just type in a hashtag to find out:

  • The quantity of Instagram posts that use the hashtag at the moment
  • The quantity of fresh content shared daily that includes the hashtag
  • The difficulty level, on a scale of 1 to 100, of using that hashtag to rank #1 on the Discovery page
  • An illustration of recent post activity
  • Relevant hashtags that you may use to increase interaction


You may investigate and contrast various Instagram profiles using Bigbanggram’s free Instagram analyzer tool. Along with graphs illustrating how the account’s average number of daily and weekly posts has varied over time, you can see how many posts they publish each day and each week.

Moreover, you can observe the times of day and week when they post the most frequently. It will display the most popular hashtags, caption phrases, and hobbies of the Instagram account you are looking at under that.

Based on the previous 100 posts, the tool also displays the posts that have received the most likes and comments.


Gramhir has yet another excellent substitute in Toolzu. Type in any profile to view the information below:

  • Quantity of uploads
  • Quantity of fans
  • User activity and engagement Number of posts according to time and day of the week
  • My favorite post-day
  • Trending hashtags
  • Frequently used terms in captions
  • The top interests of users
  • Top posts with comments
  • The most popular posts

Compared to Gramhir, which doesn’t provide much more information than using Instagram alone, Toolzu, with its more than ten metrics, offers you a more comprehensive understanding of a user’s profile.

Additional tools from Toolzu can help you expand your Instagram following. For instance, the hashtag generator is quite useful in identifying relevant hashtags to target. The ability to produce keywords based on a term you provide, the URL of your website or blog post, or even an image is one of my favorite features of Toolzu’s hashtag generator. The program will analyze an image you upload and provide you with suggested hashtags.

In addition to providing you with a list of suggested hashtags, the Hashtag Generator also provides you with the volume and ranking difficulty score (low, medium, or high) of each hashtag, enabling you to determine its level of popularity and whether it is worthwhile to target.

In addition, Toozlu keeps track of the top 100 Instagram hashtags in all categories. It only suggests using two to three in your posts. This is because, rather than being niche-specific, such hashtags are frequently broad. It’s rare for people to follow or search for certain hashtags, and even when they do, it might be challenging to rank for them or reach the appropriate audience.

Additionally, there is a list of the most popular terms that users use to get likes, like #like4like and #follow4like.

Another useful tool is Toolzu’s Instagram Downloader. Images, movies, narratives, IGTV reels, profile photos, and even whole profiles are available for download.


A fantastic substitute for Gramhir is the Instagram analysis application Sweetagram. One feature that I really enjoy about it is that the site has editor’s groupings, which are groupings of the best profiles across many categories, like:

  • Products 
  • Celebrities
  • Performers of comedies
  • Science 
  • Nature 
  • Children 
  • Animals 
  • Fashion

Yes, it even includes the most popular animal profiles, namely those of dogs, cats, and other household pets. Observing the actions of the most popular animal accounts on Instagram may assist you in creating a successful account for your pet, whether it is a dog, cat, ferret, lizard, or another species.

The same goes for creating an Instagram account for your child or launching a personal brand as a comedian.But you may also type in the name of a particular profile you wish to monitor. You’ll see their most recent posts and captions, along with the hashtags they use the most.

Additionally, Sweetagram has a hashtag search feature that lets you look for the most popular profiles related to a certain topic.

Social Monitor

Compared to Gramhir’s, Social Monitor’s Instagram profile analyzer is significantly more sophisticated. Although registering and creating an account is required, you will receive several credits at no cost.

For every profile, the tool produces a report with the following information:

  • Rate of engagement
  • Typical likes
  • Average remarks
  • A historical graph (you may choose your own period range) displaying the profile’s rise in followers over time

This is another historical graph that displays data on the number of accounts the profile is following.

  • This chart displays fifteen recent photos of the account, along with the date, the number of uploads and followers it had that day, and the number of new followers it gained since the last snapshot.
  • An engagement rate history graph for the profile throughout time
  • Based on previous historical data, future forecasts for the account’s follower count and number of posts over the next 30 days, 60 days, three months, six months, etc. 
  • top citations
  • Leading hashtags
  • Average Instagram engagement rates vary depending on follower amount and how the particular profile compares to the platform’s follower average
  • The latest ten posts, combined with their dates, captions, likes, and comments
  • A historical graph displaying the number of likes, comments, and words in the captions for recent postings
  • That is a lot of data, as you can see! Additionally, you have the option to export the complete report as a PDF.

Social Monitor keeps an updated list of the best Instagram influencers. Aside from following quantity and interaction, you can also filter them by bio keywords.

All things considered, Social Monitor is a really helpful tool for monitoring your own Instagram analytics as well as for spying on rivals. Both are possible; your dashboard will provide access to all of your reports.


A feature of inBeat’s Fake Follower Checker lets you audit the account of a profile. But like Gramhir, it also shows information on total followers, average likes, the ratio of comments to likes, and more.

The program counts the number of followers on the profile and estimates the proportion of actual and fraudulent followers. As an illustration, only about 44% of Kim Kardashian’s estimated 187.7 million followers are active accounts.

It’s common knowledge that a lot of influencers purchase phony followers in order to increase their following and position.

The program provides you with an audience score that compares your overall interaction, likes, and comments to industry averages. 

Kim Kardashian’s audience score is only 4.4 out of 10, which indicates that her followers may not be genuine and that her audience isn’t truly interacting with her material.

How can you make use of this information? 

  • First thing to do: Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and aren’t paying extra for an account with a lot of false followers if you intend to launch influencer marketing campaigns to boost your visibility.
  • It also gives you a better understanding of which rivals are actually worthy of imitation.
  • Assume for the moment that you are investigating what rivals are doing in an effort to copy their success. If their high follower counts are, however, the result of purchasing fake followers, then their followers are likewise not attributable to the hashtags they use or the time of day they publish.
  • Lastly, it’s important to verify if an Instagram account’s followers are real if you just purchased one or want to purchase one, regardless of whether you’re purchasing the account alone or along with a website or company.

Additionally, inBeat offers a QuickSearch Influencer Search Engine that makes it simple to locate influencers to follow and research. Gender, geography, follower count, interaction rate, and language are among the filters you may use.

After that, you may include influencers one at a time or in large quantities on your study list. After you’ve done that, you may analyze each influencer and get information like:

  • Details of contact
  • Average amount of interaction
  • Typical likes
  • Average remarks
  • Influencer advancement
  • Stats for sponsored posts

To locate several comparable Instagram influencer accounts and their contact information, you may also use the DeepSearch feature.

Enter your search parameters first, including location, gender, and follower count. You will then receive thousands of profiles that are comparable from the tool.


Compared to Gramhir, Analisa is a free Instagram analysis application that provides more detailed information. Type in any username to view the information below:

  • Rate
  • Comment rate
  • Engagement rate
  • Average number of likes
  • Comments
  • Overall interaction for each post
  • Overall posts
  • Average posts made in a given day, week, and month
  • most often used words in captions

Even though all of that information is available for free, Analisa also provides even more detailed information for a higher fee. Analisa Pro Analytics displays information like:

The age

  • Gender
  • location of followers
  • Follower sincerity
  • Views of the entire video Tags and mentions
  • kinds of postings
  • tagging locations, posting activities, and average interaction rates

You may run hashtag reports in addition to profile reports. As long as you create an account, you may export any kind of report as a PDF for free.

Not just Analytics

To help you ascertain the actual influence of your followers, Not Just Analytics offers a free analysis tool. Unlike Gramhir, it provides you with a lot more information and lets you export your report as a PDF.

You may examine average video views in addition to the number of followers, average likes, and average comments.

It also provides you with a brief summary for the current week and month, highlighting the number of new followers you have acquired, the average daily growth in followers, and the changes in your posts and following count from the previous week/month.

You’ll also be able to observe how average your engagement rate is. You may identify abnormal surges in follower numbers with the help of the follower growth over time chart and other information, like the most popular hashtags.

Not Just Analytics, in contrast to Gramhir, lets you make a list of profiles you wish to keep an eye on, whether they belong to rival companies or your own brands and companies.

Although Not Just Analytics is free to use, you may get more information by upgrading, including a chart showing the performance analysis of videos. It will also forecast the performance of your next articles and provide you with insights regarding your previous postings.

Instagram Insights

Lastly, there is Instagram’s own data. These stats are available within the app; you don’t need to visit a third-party website like Gramhir.

However, you can’t use it to investigate rivals because it’s exclusive to your own profile. Additionally, personal Instagram accounts are ineligible for analytics access; only corporate accounts are.

Thankfully, the app makes it simple and cost-free to convert your personal Instagram account to a corporate one. Just navigate to your preferences, choose “Account,” then “Switch to professional account” at the very bottom after scrolling all the way down.

Instagram Insights provides you with information on your followers, including their age ranges and nationalities.

Along with these details, it will provide engagement rates, the number of accounts you’ve reached, your follower count, the proportion of engagement from followers compared to non-followers, and more.

You can find out which kinds of content posts or reels are receiving the most interaction by looking at the Content Reach section. In addition, you’ll receive an overview of your most popular articles, reels, IGTV videos, and more.

Why Did We Select Gramhir Above Other Analytics Software?

  1. It’s unpaid. There are no required purchases for premium plans or upgraded features. Gramhir is a useful tool for marketing campaign cost savings.
  2. It works with a variety of gadgets. Gramhir has you covered, whether you like to work from a PC or a mobile device. 
  3. It provides extensive statistical data. The program provides accurate and somewhat diversified statistics. Account rate likes per post, and comments per post are among them. Also, it displays the intervals between posts.

Is It Possible to View Instagram Profiles Without Signing Up?

One of the most popular social media networks right now is Instagram. It should come as no surprise that consumers are using Instagram to peruse other people’s profiles—the platform has over a million active users.

We’ll take each of the several approaches that exist.

1. Use the viewer for Instagram accounts

You can explore Instagram profiles without an account on a lot of websites and applications. Many of them don’t have legal status, but some do. It is advisable to use only trustworthy apps or websites, such as Gramhir.

2. Employ A Server Proxy

Web proxies are websites that let you use them to connect to other websites. Even without an account, you may browse Instagram accounts by using a web proxy.

3. Employ a VPN

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are internet services that let you access the internet over private, secure networks. VPNs offer privacy and security. 

4. Make Use Of A Mobile App

Some smartphone apps assert that you may view Instagram profiles without creating an account.

5. Seek Assistance From A Reliable Friend

You might ask someone you know to look for the account you’re interested in if they have an Instagram account or know someone who does.

Gramhir Benefits or Gramho Benefits

There are several advantages to using social media monitoring software, including:

Precise Statics

It is essential to have access to reliable statistics. In 2023, the top social listening AI technologies will be able to assess results and provide important social media analytics data. The latter include audience analysis, reputation monitoring, and tracking of both direct and indirect mentions.

Gramhir Benefits or Gramho Benefits

Promising collaboration

A decent free Instagram influencer research tool may assist firms in finding trendsetters who are appropriate for their marketing campaigns. An enterprise may enhance its conversion rate and draw in new customers by enlisting the support of relevant influencers.

Customized predictions for each post

AI enables social media monitoring systems to forecast post popularity. Therefore, they are ideal for gaining more followers. You may customize content using them to maximize audience interaction.

Not a paid feature

Users do not need to register or pay for many social network monitoring tools. Some are free to trial but cost money. They thereby provide a cost-free and efficient means of increasing conversions.

Suitable for mobile devices

Mobile device compatibility characterizes a solid social media monitoring tool. This lets you access it at any time and from any location. 

Downloadable movies and pictures

You can grab posts’ media rapidly using a lot of social media monitoring tools.

What are the Characteristics of Gramhir?

There are the following characteristics of Gramhir. Let’s start to read them 

Visit a person’s Instagram account without following them. 

  • Look through their posts and comments.
  • See what others think of them. 
  • See who follows them.
  • See their photos and videos. 
  • Read about the experiences of others. 
  • Look up their biography. 
  • Verify their contact information. 
  • Visit their website. Discover where they are.

GRAMHIR Features

There are the following features of gramhir. Let’s start to explore them.

  • Examine the area without revealing who you are.
  • Estimate how many people will follow and like you.
  • Save pictures, videos, and stories from Instagram.
  • View the Instagram profile of an individual without becoming a follower.
  • Find out what others think of a person whom they like and don’t like.
  • Investigate the experiences of others.

What are the Pros and Cons of Gramhir?


  • Gramhir is really simple to use and easy on the eyes.
  • The fact that users can use Gramhir without creating an account or logging in is one of its most alluring features.
  • It provides an in-depth evaluation of each Instagram profile you browse. It offers details on the number of followers, postings from followers, followers, and much more. 
  • You may export every piece of data you collect for your Instagram profile. If you want to check up on your information offline or have a backup copy, this is an excellent alternative.


  • There’s no free trial available.
  • There aren’t many features.
  • There isn’t a mobile app for the app as of yet. 


Although it’s not simple, understanding statistical data for social networks doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Analytics give you information about your audience’s most popular content, their peak social network usage times, etc. And you need all of this to be able to speak with them more readily and market your goods or services to them. We introduced Gramhir to you for that reason. This strong instrument will take care of a lot of the labor and relieve your discomfort. This tool may be equally helpful to individuals, companies, professionals, and beginners alike. Thus, don’t hesitate any longer and begin using Gramhir immediately.


How Does Gramhir Go About Doing Its Job?

It accomplishes this by examining an Instagram user’s profile structure and searching for particular terms and phrases. After that, it generates reports with the findings of its investigation and recommendations for enhancing your online visibility.

What Benefits Can Come From Using Gramhir?

The use of it has several benefits.

It will help you at first comprehend who your Instagram followers are. You may more effectively personalize your marketing efforts with the use of this data.

Additionally, Gramhir can assist you in locating possible brand or business influencers and followers.

Ultimately, Gramhir can offer valuable tactics to raise your general web presence.

How Should I Begin Using Gramhir?

It is essential to create a free account in order to use Gramhir. You may then begin examining the information on your Instagram page. Observe the rules found on Gramhir’s website. Visit Gramhir’s website to create a customized report that meets your needs.