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Convert USB Flash Drive From FAT32 To NTFS

You may sometimes try to copy large files from the computer to the flash drive. But it shows you a warning “File too large for the destination file system”.

For Example: If you want to copy a movie that is more than 4 GB. It shows a warning as below.

So what actually happened is your flash drive is formatted with a FAT32 file system. It has limitations, So you cannot copy a file with more than 4 GB. To overcome the limitations you have to convert USB to an NTFS file system. The NTFS file system doesn’t have any limitations. You can copy files of any size.

Convert USB Flash Drive

First, connect the USB device to your computer. Open my computer right-click and select properties.

In the properties choose hardware. In the hardware choose Device Manager.

In the device manager select disk drives. Here you have to choose your USB device.

Right-click on the USB drive and choose properties and click on the policies tab.

Here you will see two options Optimize for Quick Removal and Optimize for Performance.

Select “Optimize for Performance” and click OK.

Now Format your pen drive. This can be done by right click on the drive and choosing ‘Format’.

Choose the ‘formatting’ option, early it will be ‘FAT32’ now change it to ‘NTFS’

Select ‘Quick Format’ and press ‘Start’.

Now your pen drive is converted to NTFS and you can copy large files which are more than 4 GB.

If you had any doubts or questions let me know through comments.