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How to Make Cow in Little Alchemy?

When we used cows in real life, we accomplished many things. We get milk from cows, and we drink the milk. Many people attempt to make cows using Little Alchemy. Many people don’t know how to make cows. Don’t be one of these people. We will show you how to make cows in Little Alchemy. Follow these steps!

How to make cow in Little Alchemy?

  • grass + livestock

What can you make with cow in Little Alchemy?

Combine with Create
blade leather
butcher meat
farmer milk
fire steak
house barn
human milk + minotaur
mountain yak
rope lasso
sea manatee
tool meat

Walkthrough for cow in Little Alchemy

  1. air + fire = energy
  2. air + water = rain
  3. earth + water = mud
  4. earth + rain = plant
  5. earth + plant = grass
  6. mud + plant = swamp
  7. energy + swamp = life
  8. earth + life = human
  9. human + plant = farmer
  10. farmer + life = livestock
  11. grass + livestock = cow

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