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How to make Egg in Little Alchemy

The perfect game for kids! Our family loves Little Alchemy because it’s fun, quick, and easy. Little Alchemy would not be complete without eggs. It can be difficult to picture how you could make an Egg from these four elements. We believe that you can do anything if you have clear instructions and your mind is open to the possibility. We believe in making things from the ground up so here are the steps to make Egg In Little Alchemy.

How to make eggs in Little Alchemy?

  • life + stone
  • 2 × bird
  • 2 × lizard
  • 2 × turtle

What can you make with egg in Little Alchemy?

Combine with Create
air bird
chocolate Cadbury Eggs
clock egg timer
duck duckling
fire omelette
flour pasta
hay nest
livestock chicken
ocean hard roe
oil mayonnaise
pond hard roe
sand turtle
sea hard roe
sky bird
swamp lizard
watch egg timer
water hard roe

Walkthrough for egg in Little Alchemy

  1. air + fire = energy
  2. earth + water = mud
  3. air + water = rain
  4. earth + rain = plant
  5. mud + plant = swamp
  6. energy + swamp = life
  7. air + life = bird
  8. bird + bird = egg

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