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How to make Mountain in Little Alchemy

You are welcome to visit us at how to make mountain in Little Alchemy house, which we call ‘Home’. The house is located in the beautiful mountains near Zermatt, Switzerland. You can see incredible mountain scenery from it, and we will be happy to explain how we built it.

How to make mountain in Little Alchemy?

  • earth + earthquake

What can you make with mountain in Little Alchemy?

Combine with Create
bird eagle
cart roller coaster
cow yak
engineer tunnel
fire volcano
goat mountain goat
ice glacier
lava volcano
livestock goat
mountain mountain range
rain river
river waterfall
sheep alpaca
story Yeti
train roller coaster
water river

Walkthrough for mountain in Little Alchemy

  1. air + fire = energy
  2. earth + energy = earthquake
  3. earth + earthquake = mountain

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