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How to make Scythe in Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is perfect for those that like to experiment and create new things. It is interesting to know how to make Scythe in Little Alchemy with just a few steps, starting with the 4 basic elements. We think that we can create a great game with the Scythe concept.

How to make scythe in Little Alchemy?

  • blade + grass
  • blade + wheat

What can you make with scythe in Little Alchemy?

Combine with Create
corpse Grim reaper
electricity lawn mower
grass hay
human Grim reaper

Walkthrough for scythe in Little Alchemy

  1. earth + fire = lava
  2. air + water = rain
  3. air + lava = stone
  4. earth + rain = plant
  5. earth + plant = grass
  6. fire + stone = metal
  7. metal + stone = blade
  8. blade + grass = scythe

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