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How to make Tool in Little Alchemy

It was so easy how to make tool in Little Alchemy. I think it’s fun, quick, and easy to make! With clear instructions, you can make anything. Here’s how to make Tool in Little Alchemy.

How to make tool in Little Alchemy?

  • human + metal

What can you make with tool in Little Alchemy?

Combine with Create
boiler steam engine
brick house
clay pottery
coconut coconut milk
cotton thread
cow meat
doctor stethoscope
earth field
fish fishing rod
glasses safety glasses
grass lawn mower
hay pitchfork
human engineer
light flashlight
metal armor
mountain goat cashmere
nerd computer
pig meat
rain umbrella
sheep wool
steel armor
stone statue
Sun solar cell
thread fabric
time clock
tree wood
wood wheel
wool sweater

Walkthrough for tool in Little Alchemy

  1. air + fire = energy
  2. earth + fire = lava
  3. earth + water = mud
  4. air + water = rain
  5. air + lava = stone
  6. earth + rain = plant
  7. fire + stone = metal
  8. mud + plant = swamp
  9. energy + swamp = life
  10. earth + life = human
  11. human + metal = tool

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