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Remove Ammyy Admin Software From Your Computer

Ammyy admin software

Ammyy admin software is a remote desktop and PC control software that does not require any installation.

Nowadays there are many reports widespread on the internet called the Ammyy scam.

The victim usually receives a phone call saying that he is from Microsoft or any other reputed company.

The caller explains that they are getting any error messages from the victim’s computer and they are going to fix it in ten minutes if he their instructions.

He asks the victim to install the Ammyy software.

After installing the software the caller asks for the ID generated by the software.

This code will allow them to access your computer remotely and now caller installs any malicious software or steals valuable data from your system.

What to do if you have already fallen into the Ammyy scam?

The first step to do is immediately disconnect your computer from the internet and if you have any bank passwords saved on your computer, immediately block the bank account.

Run any antivirus or Anti-Malware software like Malwarebytes

Remove Ammyy Admin Software

Open the Ammyy Admin setup and got

Ammyy->service-> And click on Remove

After removing the software delete the Ammyy exe file from your computer.

Finally, restart your system.

The owners of Ammyy officially announced that “Ammyy Inc. doesn’t make any call and asks to install the software