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How to Save Battery On Samsung Galaxy Devices Android Phone

How to Save Battery On Samsung Galaxy Devices Android Phone: The usage of smartphones has been increased in the modern world and more than 10 million Samsung s4 smartphones are sold out this year. Many of the people who buy this Smartphone have a common problem.

One of the major problems with android phones is battery life. The main reason for this problem is the poor programming of Android applications. These applications themselves have to stop working when they are not in use.

Reasons how large percentage of battery is used?

How to Save Battery On Samsung Galaxy Devices Android Phone

  • Use 2G network

Only use 2G network. If you are not using high-speed data or if there is no 3G network in your area then switch to a 2G network.

Go to Settings->Wireless controls->Mobile Network->Use 2G network.

  • Reduce Brightness Of Your Screen

Most people turn off Automatic Brightness on their Android phones. This auto brightness saves half of the battery usage.

Go to Settings->Display and Sound->Brightness

  • Don’t Use Graphic Wallpapers

The use of animated wallpapers and screen savers also decreases the battery percentage. If you want to use wallpapers just use a dark color theme and remember the dark color theme which is bright consumes more battery.

  • Use Screen Timeout

Set your screen time out as short as possible.

Settings->Display and Sound->Screen Timeout

  • Turn Off Wireless Controls When Not In Use.

Wireless controls like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS has to be turned off when not in use.

  • Turn off your vibration function which uses more power.
  • Don’t leave running applications when you are not using them.
  • To stop running applications Use Task Manager or press the home button for a few seconds then end all applications.
  • Disable background data usage and also disable auto-synchronization.
  • Use Ad-free apps

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  • Delete unnecessary widgets or applications when not in use.

Extra Tip

The best idea to improve your battery life is by using applications that save battery.

There are many applications available in the market but the best ones to choose from are

  1. Juice Defender
  2. Battery Defender
  3. 2x Batter Saver
  4. Easy battery saver
  5. Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget

If you know of any other methods to save battery life let us know through the comments.