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Use USB Flash Drive As Ram In Windows 8, 7 And XP (PenDrive)

Use USB flash drive as RAM:

Many of the programs in the system uses lots of memory during operations. The processing speed of a system depends on RAM. For those systems which has low RAM this will be a nightmare. So to solve this problem use  USB flash drive as  RAM or pen drive.

Using pen drive as a RAM increases the system performance. It is not a difficult process you can easily do this with the help of the following simple steps.

First insert your pen drive (minimum 2GB recommended).

Format your pen  drive.

Steps For Windows XP

  • Right click on “My Computer” and go to “properties”.
  • Now click on ‘Advance tab’.
  • Click on the ‘settings’ of performance.
  • Now the performance options appear. Go to ‘Advance tab’.
  • Click on ‘change’ option of virtual memory.

  • Select your pen drive.
  • Click on ‘custom size’ which is a radio button. It displays the initial and maximum size of the pen drive.
  • Click on ‘set’ button.
  • Click ‘OK’ to complete the setup.

Finally you had to restart your PC.

Steps For Windows 8 and 7

  • Plug in your Pen drive.
  • Format it.
  • Right click on the pen drive icon.
  • Select ‘properties’.
  • Select ‘Ready boost’.
  • Click “use this device”.
  • Now select the maximum space that RAM can give to the computer.
  • Click ‘ok’ and ‘apply’.

This is how you can use your USB as RAM. This results in the improvement in performance of your PC.

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Extra Tip:

There is a software called Eboostr which uses the hidden RAM in your computer. You can configure more than 4 pen drives with this software.

If you know any other software or any other method to use pen drive as a ram let