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Way To Increase/Improve Alexa Rank Quickly | Blog or Website

Alexa rank is a tool to analyze a website’s status on the internet. There are many factors considered ways to increase/improve Alexa rank quickly. Most of the Ad-Networks and direct advertisers consider Alexa ranking and page rank as a base.

First, let us know what Alexa rank is and how it is calculated.

What Is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Internet, Inc. is a company that provides information on a website and its traffic data.

Alexa traffic information includes stats related to Links to the website, unique visitors, top sites, Bounce rate, and other internet traffic stats. There are many other websites like Alexa ( and Quantcast) but they only show information related to United States Traffic.

How Alexa Rank Is Calculated?

The Alexa rank is calculated based on the visitors coming to your website with an Alexa rank widget (Alexa add-on) installed on their browser.

Since the ranking in Alexa is an add-on (extension) based many people think that it can be manipulated and cheat Alexa easily.

There are many traffic exchange sites available on the internet. Alexa Boost up is one of them and it is not working now.

Way To Increase Alexa Rank Quickly

As I already said, the ranking is Add-on based so Install Alexa Toolbar (Alexa Extension) on your browser.

Here is the Alexa rank checker toolbar link

Also, ask your friends to install it and open your website.

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Claim Your Website Or Blog On Alexa.

To get a good Alexa rank, to know the complete stats and information regarding your website you have to claim and verify your website with Alexa

Add Alexa Widget On Your Blog or Website

It is not 100% sure that adding an Alexa widget to your blog will improve Alexa ranking. It was just a myth. Whatever the myth maybe just add the Alexa widget to your WordPress blog or Website.

Write An Article About Alexa Ranking

Since this topic was searched by most bloggers, there is a chance of getting traffic to this keyword.

Build Backlinks

Backlinking is one of the important parts of SEO, Alexa calculates the number of backlinks available to the blog in their ranking metrics. Commenting and Guest posting is one of the best ways to build quality backlinks to your blog or website.

These are the ways by which an Alexa rank can be increased. If there are any other new ways to improve Alexa rank let us know through comments.