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Minecraft Pe External Hunger Games

Minecraft: Pocket Edition” (often referred to as Minecraft PE) has been a favorite among players because of its portability. One of the many popular multiplayer modes in Minecraft is “Hunger Games” or “Survival Games.”

Though initially inspired by the book and movie series, the Minecraft version offers its unique blend of survival and PvP combat.

Here’s a brief guide and features of the External Hunger Games in Minecraft PE:

Minecraft Pe External Hunger Games Features

  1. Large Arenas: Maps designed for Hunger Games in Minecraft are vast, offering different environments that can range from urban landscapes to dense forests. Each map provides strategic advantages, hiding spots, and challenges.
  2. Loot Chests: Scattered around the arena are chests filled with weapons, armor, food, and other items. Securing good loot quickly can be the key to survival.
  3. Combat: Players must fight each other, and the last person standing wins.
  4. Diverse Weapons: From swords and axes to bows and arrows, players can find various weapons to aid in their combat efforts.
  5. Traps and Challenges: Many maps feature traps, puzzles, and challenges that can harm unsuspecting players or provide loot for those who can overcome them.
  6. Team Play: While the classic mode is every player for themselves, some servers and maps allow team play, where players can collaborate to defeat other teams.

Minecraft Pe External Hunger Game Guide

  1. Joining a Game: To join an external Hunger Games server in Minecraft PE, you’ll need the server’s IP address and port. Once you have those, enter them in the game’s ‘Server’ tab to join.
  2. Starting Out: When the game starts, you’ll be placed in a central location, usually surrounded by chests. While your first instinct might be to rush to the middle and grab items, this can be risky. Evaluate the situation. Sometimes, it’s better to run away, find chests elsewhere, and avoid early confrontations.
  3. Gathering Resources: Secure weapons and armor as quickly as possible. Remember, food is crucial, as you’ll need to replenish your hunger and health.
  4. Stay Alert: Always be on the lookout for other players. Trust is a rare commodity in Hunger Games.
  5. Engage Wisely: Don’t rush into fights without strategy. Ensure you’re adequately equipped and that the situation is favorable. Use the environment to your advantage.
  6. Stay Mobile: Staying in one place too long can make you an easy target. Keep moving, but also know when to hide.
  7. Endgame: As the match progresses, remaining players will be forced into closer proximity, escalating conflicts. Stay vigilant, and remember that alliances can be fleeting.

Hunger Games MCPE External Servers


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