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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Door to Nowhere Quest

The Door to Nowhere Quest

The door to nowhere quest starts while you’re talking with Jubilost. He’ll tell you that he’s close to solving the riddle of the Host which can help him find out the origin of the gnomes from the First World. You need to find something ‘’fifth in ten’’ — this relates to Willas Gunderson’s book. Go outside and talk with the merchants in the town square, in the capital. One of them will give you the book without you paying for it. Find ‘’fifth in ten’’ in this book and you’ll see this line: ‘’In the Corner of the Tavern’’. After talking with Jubilost

When I got the job offer I was told something about a twenty-fourth day. To find out what it is, I had to go back in time and find the twenty-fourth day. I did that, and it was yesterday!

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