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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Arueshalae Quest Guide

“Demon’s Heresy: A rare specimen: Righteous Arueshalae Quest Guide turncoat demoness. A succubus who has betrayed the forces of evil, hoping to change her own vicious nature. The Crusaders don’t trust her – and for a good reason, even she can’t fully trust herself. Will a monster who has stepped on the thorny path of redemption travel it to the end?”

Righteous Arueshalae Quest Guide

Borrowed Dreams Walkthrough

Ask the people of Drezen about their dreams. Tell the people of Seelah about your dream.

Dreams in Ruin Walkthrough

  • After talking to Arueshalae, she wants to go to the Dimalchio’s mansion in Upper City.
  • The Mansion is located right above the entry point of Upper City, called the enchanted Mansion.
  • Once you enter the Mansion, Dimalchio will try to sway Arueshalae out of her path. You need to help Arueshalae stay strong and fight Dimalchio’s influence.
  • After that, defeat Dimalchio and his mercenaries.
  • Talk to Arueshalae again and receive quest Time to Think.

Time to Think Walkthrough

  • After you have completed the quest Dreams in Ruin, Arueshalae will ask you to come back to her in a few days. She will also ask you to enter her dream again.
  • She will also ask you to guard her while she sleeps.
  • Talk to the ghosts in Arueshalae’s dream.
  • When you wake up, talk to Arueshalae.

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