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PowerTrekk Hydrogen Fuel Cell Charger Works with Water

We always love using electronic gadgets like smartphones, cameras, and iPods all day. But the problem is with the draining of the battery.

Did you ever imagine that water can be a solution for this?

Yes, now you can charge your electronic devices with water using a special hydrogen fuel cell charger called “PowerTrekk”. Using this you can charge your devices where ever you want because all you need is a water source. PowerTrekk has been the first-ever water-activated portable charger developed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and by myFC.

How does PowerTrekk Charger Works?

PowerTrekk consists of a water tank, a container for holding a power puck. You just need to fill the tank with water, insert the puck and connect it to your device. Now, this is ready to produce electricity up to 3 watts.

The working principle behind this PowerTrekk water charger is when the water gets in contact with the disposal metal disc releases hydrogen gas. This hydrogen along with oxygen converts chemical energy to electrical energy.


PowerTrekk is an ideal safety kit option in any emergency situation, when you need power and couldn’t access it. The advantage of this charger is that it does not require any solar energy and also works effectively in all weather conditions.

PowerTrekk is the best choice for those who always spend lots of time outdoors traveling or even as a replacement for your regular mobile charger.

No matter where you are. Use the fuel cell charger and get charged. The best part of this fuel cell charger is it works best even if the water is not clean. But its price is way too far from common people’s reach. It costs about $209. Instead, people can carry a spare power pack with USB ports which costs much lesser than PowerTrekk.

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