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Snagit Software Free Download For Windows And MAC

Snagit Software is a popular and powerful image capturing software by Techsmith for Windows and Mac. It has a lot of customization options and powerful features that give it an edge over other similar software. With Snagit, you can capture images and record videos with ease. So if you’re in need of powerful image capturing software look no further than here.

Free Screen Capturing With Snagit  Software Download For Windows and MAC

Snagit Software

Top Features Snagit Software

  • Scrolling Capture – Snagit allows you to capture images not fully shown on the screen, like a website, with just a simple click of a button.
  • Video Capture – Videos can be recorded and has built-in functions that allow you to narrate and trim with ease.
  • Mobile Capture – Snagit allows you easily integrate with your iOS or Android phone to capture and receive images from it.
  • Special Effects – Using special effects you can do stuff like adding borders, perspective, or shadows to your captured images.
  • Multi-platform Support – Snagit runs on multiple platforms, so whether your system is a macOS or a windows 8, Snagit can run on it.

Snagit Software Pricing And License Information

You can download and try Snagit FREE for 15 days for Windows XP,7, 8.1, and MAC. If after the end of the trial, you wish to continue using the program, the price of a single-user license costs $49.95 for both windows and mac. If you already have a previous version of Snagit and wish to upgrade to a higher version the upgrade license costs $24.95.

Basic Snagit Tips and Tricks Of Snagit Software

If you don’t like the interface, Snagit allows you to easily change it via the color scheme dropdown in the program options tab. If you don’t want to edit the capture and just want to immediately save it, you can uncheck the “Preview in Editor” option in the Output menu. It will skip the editor and immediately save your capture.

Disadvantages When Using Snagit Crack or Keygen or Torrent Downloads

Using cracks or keygens risks a virus infection on your computer. A lot of torrent download on the net, especially those that list themselves as the full version, is not trustworthy and carries the risk of infecting your pc with a virus, malware, or a worm. Even if it isn’t there is no guarantee that the crack or keygen would work. So please take care and get Snagit only from trusted sources like this site.