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Steps For Creating Your Own Customized Run Commands

Customized Run Command: Every time if we want to open any application we need to search for its location and then double click on it which takes a lot of time. To avoid this, Windows Operating System has a default function called Run command. This Run Function allows you to open an application directly with a single command.

For accessing Run command you can go to Start ->Run or directly Press Window + R. By default it only works for few inbuilt commands like ‘cmd’ for Command Prompt, ‘calc’ for Calculator, ‘brush’ for Paint etc.

You cannot access any other Applications which are not inbuilt. But don’t worry you can create your own Run commands in simple steps.

Steps For Creating Customized Run Command

Here let me explain you the procedure to create Run command for “Internet Explorer”.

  • First right click on the desktop, select New->Shortcut.

Now you can see a dialog box asking for the location of the item.

  • Click ‘Browse’ and locate the application. Here as we are doing for Internet Explorer, You can find it in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
  • Click on Next to continue.

Then type a name for your Shortcut. Here I am using ‘i.e.’ for internet explorer and click on Finish.

Now you can see a shortcut icon created on the desktop.

  • Copy the Shortcut Icon and paste it in C:\WINDOWS folder.

With this you are done with creating a Run Command for internet explorer. Now check it by typing ‘i.e.’ in the Run. You can see Internet Explorer opening in new window.

Similarly you can create customized Run commands for different applications and work on it.

Hope this post helped you. Pass your comments.