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Easy Way To Backup With Latest SyncBack Software For Winsows 8.1, 7 AND XP

SyncBack Software is the best free backup software available for download today. Available for the Windows platform, this software allows users to easily and efficiently create backups for their computers with much ease due to its friendly interface. In addition to its capability to synchronize and compress files, SyncBack can also process files in any language. Its straightforward reporting feature enables users to see what was copied during the backup process.

Recovering Your PC Or Laptop From Disaster With SyncBack For Windows

SyncBack Versions Based On Key Features

SyncBack software comes in three different versions, Free, SE and the Pro version. Users can chose what version to use depending on their backup requirements. The following is a break-up of the features available in each version:

SyncBack Free Edition

This edition features many useful capabilities including, backup, synchronization, multi-language file name support, NTFS encrypted files ignore capability, stop, pause, resume support as well as backup scheduling. In addition, it features a comprehensive Help file, SyncBack software backup to FTP, zip compression as well as start on windows login.

SyncBack SE Version

In addition to having all the features in the free download version, the SE version features password-protect files from unauthorized modification capability ,a delete/replace files on reboot function , automatic backup function, capability to enable and disable profiles in addition to email logs using SSL/TLS connection. The other additional features include, fast backup capability, log file encrypt support, smart sync option and zip 64 compression capability with unlimited file size.


The pro version gives users all the features of the free and SE version combined with additional powerful capabilities.They include, Sync backup pro that supports SFTP, FTP and FTPS, the ability to automatically export profile and add root folder in CD/DVD/ISO formats, LZMA compression capability used in 7z format, Bzip2 compression(Better compression ratio than Zip), Scripting support, SyncBack software download Management service integratio, Email backup support.-Microsoft Azure support and Google storage support. Additionally, it features support for box, Amazon glacier, one drive and Google drive.

Advantages Of SyncBack Over Other Backup Softwares

SyncBack‘s ability to offer higher compression ratio that rivals that of Zip means that it can be able to backup a large amount of data while conserving space in the storage location. Moreover, its user friendly interface enables even the first time users to easily backup their data conveniently. Additionally, since backup is no longer dependent on RAM size, efficiency is greatly enhanced during back up.

How to Use SyncBack To Backup Your Data

  1. Free Download and install the software from an appropriate site.
  2. After installation, launch the program. You will be prompted to create a new profile, click yes.
  3. Select backup.
  4. Name your profile in the profile window that appears.
  5. In the profile setup that appears next, click on the browse button to select the source and destination folders.
  6. After filling all the settings for the profile, click OK. You will get a request to confirm for a simulated run. After confirmation, a detailed report is generated that indicates what files will be copied or deleted.
  7. On the SyncBack software window, right click on the profile name you had earlier created and select run. You can also use Ctrl+R as a shortcut.