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Tales of Arise Earth Seed: Hard Liquor Walkthrough

How to Get Tales of Arise Earth Seeds for the Hard Liquor Quest

It’s one of the quests that can be unlocked when you return to Messia 224 after Zephyr is arrested. The client asks that you bring him four tales of arise earth seed. They’re dropped by Ropers in the Ulvhan Grotto. Return to the client you’ve got what’s needed to complete the quest.

In this area you will want to fight as many Roper enemies as possible, these can drop the earth seeds, however, they can be quite rare so you may have to kill a few. Ropers are weak to Wind-type attacks. Also avoid using Earth-type attacks, as Ropers will resist those attacks more than others. Although these enemies won’t drop Earth Seeds after every fight, they will eventually yield the requisite four Earth Seeds.

After you’ve finished this, all that’s left to do is to return to Messia 224 and give the x4 Earth Seeds to the Woodcutter Man to complete this Exhausting Liquor quest.

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