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The Tile App To Track Anything With Your iPhone Or iPad

Does your cat always run everywhere, Do you always forget your keys don’t worry there is a solution, Just a Tile to anything and locate it with your iOS device. The best part of this Tile app to track is it allows you to track your lost keys, Dogs, bags, or Vehicle.

What Is The Tile App To Track?

Tile (@TheTileApp) is a small piece of plastic Bluetooth device that has to be attached to the object you want to trace when it is lost.

Measurement and Technology used

The Tile measures 36mm x 36mm x 4.2mm uses Bluetooth 4.0 and works with the iOS device only (sorry Android).

Bluetooth 4.0 is the best choice and the built-in battery lasts about a year and does not require any recharging. You can trace the object as long as it is within a 150-foot radius.

The device includes a built-in speaker and makes a tone when you get closer to the object.

The device has a battery life of one year, after the user has to buy a new Tile, the company said that they are going to send a reminder.

The cost of a single Tile is $18.95 and with shipping, it reaches $25. (4 or Higher cost around $14 each)

At the time of tracing your phone will get a signal as long as you reach closer to that object.

What To Do When Your Lost Object Is Not In 150 Foot Radius?

Here comes the best part of The Tile App, when other Tile users are near your lost object their phones will send a signal to the Tile cloud system.

The company takes Security as a serious aspect and other Tile users cannot trace your Tiles only you and the Tile users you have explicitly shared your Tiles can search for your lost object.

Wait no more to order The Tile App

I personally wish it were rechargeable or some other way like changing the battery instead of buying it every year.