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Top 5 Laptop / Notebook / Ultra-book Scientific Calculator Softwares For Perfect Mathematical Solutions

Scientific calculator software enable calculation of various mathematical and scientific operations in a fast and convenient way. They provide an easy to use interface which allows easy entry, manipulation and output of data. Many individuals like students and professional in different fields benefit from scientific calculations as they make their work easier, accurate and precise.

Advantages of laptop/notebook/ultra-book

Scientific Calculator software for windows

With operation of various functions and variables scientific math calculators have an array of options for data and numeric calculations, are fast, convenient, make work easy, reliable, have built in formulas, easy to use, have ability to show operations and a mistake can be easily detected and most are light and do not consume many resources.

Top 5 laptop/notebook/ultra-book

Scientific Calculator Software for Windows


Reor is a simple, easy to use and free scientific calculator that can also perform statistical and graphical functions effectively using various tools. Different features are available which include a built-in mathematical and physical constants, has a variable tool box for storage, various financial operations can be performed, mortgage rates calculator, unit converter, fractional options, various format options, graphical capabilities and many more.


LaptopCalc uses keys to enter numbers and does not come with a num pack. Keys such as “J” can represent 1 and “K” for 2. The scientific calculator can be used for various functions which include calculation of trigonometry, root, square root, basic math functions like add, subtract and division, fractions, graphing and decimal numbers among other mathematical operations and is easy to use and effective.

Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics is a science and math calculator used mainly as an educational tool for teachers and students. Some of it’s features include, unit converts, graph calculator, equation and triangle solver, data can be entered using various means either keyboard, mouse or stylus, has a list of equations and formulas various fields such as trigonometry, algebra chemistry and more. Microsoft Mathematics is designed for Microsoft Windows 8.1, 7 and windows 10.


HEXelon MAX scientific calculator with an easy to use interface which lists all options it has. Different features are available, currency conversion and displays an exchange rate table, various functions such as mass, area, power, pressure, energy, pressure, length among others, unit conversion, five different keyboard configurations, creation of user variables, available in different languages, history can be displayed and math expressions can be entered and solved.


SpeQ provides operation of scientific calculations using an easy to use and navigate user interface. The scientific calculator is small, calculations are entered in a spread sheet which allows entry, editing and execution of various calculations, is light on resources, portable and easy to install, most common units, functions and constants are available, it also allows custom functions and variables and graph plotting.

Mathematics and other calculations are made less complex using scientific calculators. They are easy to download and install, if used appropriately the outcome is usually accurate.