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Top 5 Video Editing Softwares Free Download For Windows And Mac

Video editing softwares refer to the activity of altering and reorganizing video frames so as to produce a different production. There are several objectives to altering a video and your editing methodology will rely on your anticipated results. Most common goals include removal of unwanted shots, creating a flow, adding effects such as graphics and music, altering the mood, style, and pace of the video among others.

There exists several free download video editing software. As a video editor, it is recommended to choose the best software depending on your preference and the hardware you are using. Among the five elite video editing software include:

Best Video Editing Softwares For Windows8.1,7, XP

AVS Video editor

This is a superb Windows-based software that not only boasts an attractive and well-designed interface but is also enriched with multiple video editing tools every average user requires. Its key features consist of the ability to handle all key video formats such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, just to mention a few. Another core feature is the capacity to edit Blu-ray videos. This software allows you to revise your video fancily and quickly. It’s worth mentioning that its interface supports multilingual.

Cyberlink PowerDirector

This is yet another free professional video editing software for Windows that is both broad and easy to employ. It introduces the competence to upscale your movies such as removing noise and minimizing shakes as well as sharpening your movie images. It is also fitted with a Beat Marker algorithm that analyses the soundtrack so as to reflect the best positions to place transitions.

Window Movie Maker

As the name suggests, this software is employed in the Windows platform. Its basic features include the capability to create and organize pictures and videos then add an Auto Movie theme to build a unique video. Also, you can edit an audio to add to your movie such as adjusting its volume. The user is also enabled to post the movies to favorite sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Best Video Editing Softwares For MAC

 Apple iMovie

This is a Mac-based software with built-in 64-bit know-how that allows you to bring together multiple clips and turn them into a stunning transformation. It features professional themes that allow you to begin with a theme while conducting your editing. It also has the capacity to process high-description videos. The included feature is Magic iMovie which attempts to computerize the video editing process allowing a custom transition to be supplemented between scenes.

Avidemux Video Editor

This is a free Mac video editor invented for uncomplicated cutting, screening, and encoding duties. Its key features include the ability to support many formats such as DVD, AVI, MPEG, ASF, and MP4 using multiple codecs. Since it supports multi-threading, it ensures fast editing. Its portability feature allows it to be supported by several platforms.

Despite being free, it’s considered an advantage to first examine the features of a video editor software before using it so as to warrant an excellent workout.