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Top Best Android Web Browser App Free Download 2014 (Mobile Phone, Tablet)

Internet is a place where we play games, download movies, Apps, share, chat and do many other things. To do all these things on an android mobile, android tablet, or on the computer we need a web browser. Today in this article I am going to list out the best Android Browser Apps 2014. In order to have smooth gameplay on your mobile phone, these Android browsers are highly recommended to be used.

Best Android Web Browser App Free Download

Best Web browser App

UC browser Android App

UC Browser is an android browser emulator able to adapt to most network connections and the phone hardware allows the gamer to browse faster and download the fastest speed. This is perfect for gamers who like to download multiple files simultaneously. It also comes with UCWeb’s cloud storage which makes it easy for users to gain access to storage space on their phones. you can download the App from the google play store, and ask from the official website.

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Chrome Browser Android App

Chrome users can sign in and sync the files into their computer and can use the chrome browser anywhere they go. Navigation is easy to search results for android games are also fast. The browser also has an accelerated page loading and easy scrolling and zooming function.

Dolphin Browser Android App

Dolphin browser comes with a personalized home screen, gesture control, the settings are customizable as well as the sharing features. It is seen as one of the best Android web browsers to download in 2014.

Hope This article helps you to know the top and best android web browser app 2014.