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Top Best Antivirus Apps Free Download For Android 2014 (Phone, Tablet)

With the continuing increase in computer insecurity in the world, keeping an android mobile phone or tablet secure from viruses, malware, and spyware is every android user’s concern. Luckily there are numerous Android antivirus apps in the market that will guarantee your device’s security. Some of these applications are offered as freeware while others you will have to pay for them.

Best Antivirus Apps For Android Free Download

Antivirus App

Antivirus Security – FREE (AVG) Antivirus App

AVG by no doubt the best android anti-virus. Apart from combating viruses and malware, it also provides anti-theft and privacy protection. It has a very efficient virus scan and virus detection engine that will flag viruses as they try to get into your device. Its web surfing protection feature will guarantee your online security. Its trial period is only limited to 14-days. This antivirus software app apk can be downloaded from the official website.

Avast Mobile Security Antivirus App

Avast is an amazing security application with a good review that transcends beyond the basic anti-malware protection and offers among others an app manager, call, and SMS filtering, a firewall, and a network traffic monitor. Apparently, its anti-theft and firewall’s most advanced features require your device to be rooted. The App is compatible with all Android mobile phones and tablets.

360 Security- Antivirus, Clean (Qihu 360) Antivirus App

It has a great design with a sleek, simple user-friendly interface. What makes this app stand out is its capability to automatically patch your device’s firmware vulnerabilities when it detects them. Its downside is that it does not have an anti-theft feature even though this is a common feature in most apps. The app can be downloaded from the Google play store.

Norton Antivirus App

In addition to guarding your device, this app also allows you to backup your contacts and restore them in case your device has an issue. It also has anti-theft, call-blocking, and a web-protection feature. Its con is that it does not screen unknown numbers and also it has a very high price tag.

Dr.Web v.7 Antivirus Light

It is very efficient in detecting malware, it scored above 90% in the AV-Test procedure. Dr. Web scans data as you try to save it in your device to ensure maximum security. Its user interface however does a very poor job in matching its malware detecting prowess.