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Top Best Call Blocker Android App Free Download (Mobile Phone, Tablet)

Are you searching for the best call blocker apps for your mobile phone or tablet? Well, we have gathered a list of the best call blocker apps that people are using and raving about. Try one or all of them. Then choose one that you like, and continue using it to get the best results for your Android phone.

Best Call Blocker Android App Free Download

Call Control – Call Blocker

Call Blocker – was developed by the Kedlin Company. The app has some good features that you will enjoy using. What’s nice about Call Control Call Blocker is it allows you to blacklist a specific number and gives your full control over who can actually make phone calls to you. Another nice feature that this app includes is Pickup/hang-up. This prevents you from receiving annoying calls from spam callers.

Call Blocker by NQ Mobile Security

This app has many security features that you can use with your Android. Its major features include a number blacklist, spam SMS blockage, and auto SMS response. You can also transfer your data between other mobile devices with different platforms, such as BlackBerry and Symbian, or Blackberry.

Mr. Number-Block calls, texts

Is considered the best call blocker app for Android phone users. You will be able to block calls and text messages from any number around the world. It also includes a reverse lookup numbers feature, so you can get information about an annoying caller.

Call Blocker By Beware

Call Blocker by Embware Is another call blocking app that does a great job of preventing annoying callers from harassing you. There are four types of block modes that you can use. Call Block allows you to Block Blacklists only, Block all, Accept Whitelists only, and Accept contacts only. The app also includes four types of answering modes, such as Power Off, No Service, Busy, and the Number Is Not in Service.

Ultimate Call Blocker Free

Ultimate call blocker free  Is a powerful app that is designed to filter calls and texts on your Android. You can block incoming calls, SMS text messages, and MMS multimedia messages. The app also includes customizable filters that allow you to block callers, callers not listed in your phonebook, and specific numbers from annoying callers. Other features include end call, Silent, and Pickup/hang-up.

The Google Play store is where you can find and download call blocker apps for your Android phone. Simply, use your Google Gmail account information to log in to the online store. Then, use the search box to help you find a call blocker app that you want to use. There are many to choose from and most of them are free to use.