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Top Best Contact App For Android (Mobile Phone, Tablet)

Contacting your friends or family should be easy and enjoyable with the top best contact apps. However, this is usually not the case as you may be using unreliable methods that fail you at the most important part of your conversation. Imagine writing an important text message then the device you are using goes off and deletes everything you had written. You do not have to go through this annoying experience since we have the top best contact apps that are easy to use.

Best Contact App For Android Mobile Phone And Tablet

CONTACTS + Android App

This is one of the best apps to manage android contacts since it combines your photos with social networks that you are connected to. It supports major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and linked in. This app is easy to use since you only tap once to add a contact. The second tap allows you to call or email the selected number. Contacts are shown with their portrait photo so that you can toggle groups easily.

It has an integrated dialer that enables you to browse and call from within the app. Contact+ merges duplicate, Back-Up, Sync, and Transfer contacts. This contact app supports WhatsApp and geolocation via four squares. You can download this contact app from the Google Play store.


This contact app is the best replacement for your Group Contacts phone book. It allows you to customize your phone book and merges duplicate contacts. It also assigns speed dial numbers to the people that you contact frequently. This contact app allows you to back up and restore contacts to your SD card quickly. It is available in many languages. You can download this contact app at the Google play store.

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EX DIALER Android App

This contact app is easy to use since it searches for the number as you dial. Ex dialer connects to Google contacts automatically and organizes the search contacts. It also allows you to choose the calls that you want to answer and you can dial a number by long-pressing the number on the keyboard. You can download it at the Google Play store.


It allows you to keep all your contacts in an organized way. The app is easy to use since it arranges your contacts in groups. You can download it at the Google play store.


This contact app is very secure since it does not need an internet connection. You can find and contact the person you want easily by swiping and tapping. Phonebook contact allows you to edit groups easily and you can view the calls that you made recently. You can download it at Google Play Store.

Using these contact apps will make you communicate easily since they are the best contact apps in 2014. The contact apps are easy to download and can be used by anyone.