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Uninstall Stubborn Programs Using Revo Uninstaller Software

We have many Uninstallers available in the market today, these software are used to uninstall apps completely without any traces of data. Revo Uninstaller Software is one of the finest Uninstaller software available in the market today. Using this software you can perform multiple uninstall operations, force uninstall the stubborn programs, removes the leftovers after uninstalling the software.

Features Of Revo Uninstaller Software

Hunter Mode

One of the interesting features available in this software is the “HUNTER MODE”. By clicking on the Hunter Mode, a Bull eye gets displayed on the screen. As soon you drag it onto the particular application, an option gets displayed, and clicking on it to complete the uninstallation process.

Junk cleaner

It helps you to clean unnecessary junk files on your computer. Many windows applications create junk files, these files occupy a lot of space on your Hard Disk.

AutoRun Manager

AutoRun Manager helps you to manage applications that load on startups. This helps the users to know what programs are running on their computers. With this application, the user can start or kill the unnecessary processes which are not in use.

Windows Cleaner

The Windows Operating system tracks everything that goes on the system. It tracks the recently opened files, Applications, Documents, and search History. These files occupy a lot of space on the Hard Disk and Windows Cleaner helps you to remove these files from your computer.

Browser Cleaner

The browser records every detail of your move on the internet. Suppose a user is a busy round the clock with his work over the Internet and he may not have the possible time to remove the history logs, cache, and cookies that are created while surfing. For such people, this cleaner serves as a soldier tool that guards and removes the unnecessary logs that prevail during the usage of the computer.

Evidence Remover

After deleting the files, sometimes there is a chance to recover the deleted data. So to avoid this, Evident Remover prevents the restoration of files by wiping the free space.

Revo Uninstaller Specifications

Type: Utility Software

Publisher: VS Revo Group

Version: 1.95

Limitations: 30 Days Trial Period

File Size: 2.5 MB

Operating System: Windows 8/7/XP

Download: Revo Uninstaller

Hope you all liked it. Don’t forget to try this Uninstaller Software and share your views through comments.