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Verizon Credit Card Pay Bill: Simple and Convenient Steps

Log in to your account on the Synchrony Bank website or the Verizon Visa Card app to pay your bill online. You may then make a one-time payment or set up Auto Pay to ensure your account is always paid on time.

So, Verizon credit card pay bill – how to?

To pay your bill by phone, dial (866) 313-9396 and follow the directions. You must include your Verizon Credit Card account number and the payment amount.

If you want to learn more, you should read this article thoroughly.

How do Pay Bills on a Verizon Visa Card?

Upon logging into Verizon Visa credit card accounts, Verizon Wireless customers who serve as either account owners or account managers, and are eligible based on their plan, can submit applications at their convenience. The number of phone lines for which they can apply varies, with a maximum of 12 lines depending on the specific plan in place.

You can find the following information on our website:  For more information, please see the Verizon Visa Card website.

  • Select Verizon Visa Card from the top of the screen in the My Verizon app.
  • When you check out on our website or app: when you see the Apply link during checkout, click it.
  • Calling our Customer Service Department.
How to Pay Bill on Verizon Visa Card

In a Verizon store or a limited number of Verizon-authorized retailers

The Verizon Visa Card is not available for Verizon Business and Prepaid accounts.

Make your Payment

You can pay your invoices separately or in a single transaction.

1. Access the Verizon Enterprise Center.

2. Go to Billing > Make a Payment.

3. Click the Pay button on the invoice list page next to an invoice.

4. Click Proceed to Pay if you want to make an individual payment or continue picking up any further bills (USD/CAD and EURO).

5. Choose your payment option and pay the FIOS bill now to make the payment, or pay later (not available for euros) to plan the payment later.

6. Enter the amount you wish to pay.

Note: If someone from your firm has previously made a payment, your current balance may be less than the invoice amount.

7. Include an optional tracking number and the names and email addresses of anyone else who should be notified of the payment. 

8. Make a Verizon credit card payment. You will receive an email confirmation once your money has been processed.

Control Paper-free Billing

  • Sign in to My Verizon using a web browser.
  • Navigate to Account Bill Auto Pay from the My Verizon Home page.
  • Do one of the following from the ‘Paper-Free Billing’ section:
  • Turn off paperless billing by selecting it and clicking Turn Off.
  • Turn on paperless billing, then review the Terms and Conditions before clicking Accept and Enroll.

Is there a Verizon Visa Card app that I can use to track my account and rewards? 

Yes. Verizon Visa Cardholders get the best rewards experience when they install both the My Verizon app and the Verizon Visa Card app on their devices.

Besides, Verizon Visa cardholders can access the applications through their mobile device’s app store.

The Verizon Visa Card app can also be found in the My Verizon app menu:

  • Select the Verizon Visa Card.
  • Select the download option.

Following the download, a cardholder must register by entering their permanent credit card number, billing ZIP code, and the last four digits of their Social Security number. To use the mobile app after registering, a cardholder must have My Verizon login credentials and access.

Version ChartMy Verizon AppVerizon Visa Card App
Pay Verizon Wireless billYESYES
Redeem Verizon DollarsYESYES
Pay Verizon Visa Credit card BillNOYES
View Earned Verizon DollarsYESYES
View Available Verizon DollarsYESYES
View credit card transactionNOYES
New Verizon Visa Credit card monthly statementNOYES
New Verizon Visa Dollars redemption activity and usageYESYES

I am unable to open links when using the Verizon Visa Card app on my Apple iPhone. What should I do? 

I am unable to open links when using the Verizon Visa Card app on my Apple iPhone. What should I do

If you disable the Safari browser in your device’s settings, you may be unable to open any links inside the Verizon Visa Card or My Verizon apps. If Safari is currently inactive, follow these steps to reactivate it:

  • From your home screen, Go to Settings.
  • Select screen time.
  • Select Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  • Select Allowed Apps.
  • To activate Safari, tap the toggle next to it.

When Will My Verizon Visa Card Arrive? 

Your card will arrive in the following formats, depending on whether you are authorized for a Verizon Visa Card or a Verizon Visa Signature Card:

The Verizon Visa Card will come in a conventional white card holder measuring 8.5 by 11 inches. The card is securely fastened to the carrier. Remove the card from the carrier and follow the instructions for activation.

The Verizon Visa Signature Card will come in a 7-inch x 4-inch x.75-inch box with embossed writing that reads “It’s for you” across the top. Inside the package, the card will be in a cardboard sleeve. Remove the card from the sleeve and follow the instructions for activation.

Can I apply in person or over the phone for a Verizon Visa card? 

Yes. Verizon Wireless Account Owners and Account Managers who have up to 12 phone lines (depending on plan) on their account can apply for the Verizon Visa Card in person, at a Verizon store, at certain Verizon Authorized Retailers, over the phone, or in other ways.

What should I do if I need help with my Verizon Visa Card application?

If your online application is experiencing technical difficulties, you can restart it by visiting

If you did not receive an immediate approval decision, please wait for your letter from Synchrony Bank or call Verizon Visa Card customer service at 866-313-9396.


This article is all about Verizon Credit Card Pay bill – How to. To prevent late penalties and interest charges, pay your Verizon Credit Card statement as soon as possible, using the method that is most convenient for you.

If you want the most convenient way to pay your bills, I recommend enabling AutoPay. This ensures that you always pay on time, even if you forget.

If you cannot pay your account in full, make the minimum payment to avoid late penalties and interest costs. If you are having difficulty paying your payment, you can also call Synchrony Bank to explore your alternatives.

Whatever payment option you pick, it is critical to pay your Verizon Credit Card account on time in order to preserve a positive credit history.


Is it possible for me to get a Verizon Visa Card?

You must be a Verizon cellular subscriber who is the Account Owner or an Account Manager and have a minimum of 12 phone lines (depending on plan) on your cellular account to be eligible to apply for the Verizon Visa Card.

Verizon Business and Prepaid accounts do not qualify for the Verizon Visa Card.

How do I obtain the Verizon Visa Card?

Verizon Wireless customers who are Account Owners or Account Managers and have up to 12 phone lines (depending on plan) can apply at any time:

  • You can find the following information on our website:  For more information, please visit our Verizon Visa Card website.
  • Select Verizon Visa Card from the options at the top of the screen in the My Verizon app.
  • When you check out on our website or app: when you see the Apply link during checkout, click it.
  • Calling our Customer Service Department
  • In a Verizon store or at a limited number of Verizon authorized Retailers
  • The Verizon Visa Card is not available for Verizon Business or Prepaid accounts.

How do I use my Verizon Visa Card to earn Verizon dollars?

If you are authorized for the Verizon Visa Card, you will begin collecting points on eligible purchases through the Verizon Visa Card points program.

When you use the Verizon Visa Card like any other credit card, you receive a portion of your transaction in Verizon Dollars1:

  • 4% off gasoline and groceries purchases
  • 3% off restaurant purchases, including take-out and delivery
  • 2% discount on Verizon purchases
  • 1% off all other purchases made using Visa credit cards.

Is it possible to integrate my Verizon Visa Card to digital wallets such as Apple Pay?

Yes, after receiving and activating your Verizon Visa Card, you may add it to your mobile wallet (for example, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay).

What is the new cardholder offer?

When you establish a Verizon Visa Card account and spend $1,000 on the card during the first 90 days, you will receive a $100 statement credit. This is an excellent deal for new Verizon customers wishing to save money on their Verizon bill.

To be eligible for this promotion, you must be a new Verizon Visa Card client who opens an account and makes $1,000 in purchases during the first 90 days. The statement credit will be issued to your account within 6-8 weeks after satisfying the offer conditions.

Who is the company that issues the Verizon Visa Card? 

Synchrony Bank issues your credit card and maintains the account and invoicing for your Verizon Visa Card.

Synchrony (NYSE: SYF) is a leading provider of customized financing programs in important areas such as retail, health, auto, travel, and residential, as well as award-winning consumer banking products.

How long will it take for my Verizon Visa Card to arrive in the mail after I’ve been approved? 

In 7-10 business days, you should get your card and credit limit information. Activate your credit card online or by contacting the 800 number on the back of your card right away to ensure you have access to your entire credit limit.

How can I get my Verizon Visa Card activated? 

Visit to activate your Verizon Visa Card, or call:

  • Visa Card – (866) 440-8047
  • (866) 647-1096 for Verizon Visa Signature Card.

How can I get my card out of the sleeve? 

  • To get your card out of the cardboard sleeve, do the following:
  • Place the credit card box vertically, with the rip tab to the right.
  • Pull the rip tab towards your body, then open the lid like a book.
  • Locate the access hole or lift tab at the top of the open box (the side farthest away from your body).
  • Remove the cardboard sleeve from within the box using the hole.
  • When the packaging is positioned vertically, the sleeve may be identified by the embossed Verizon checkmark situated on the bottom left of the sleeve.
  • Gently pull the sleeve apart with one hand grabbing the bottom of the sleeve containing the checkmark and the other hand gripping the top half of the sleeve.
  • Your card is in a textured envelope.

How can I tell my Verizon Visa Card apart from the other cards in my wallet? 

Both the Verizon Visa Card and the Verizon Visa Signature Card are constructed of plastic and are industry standard, depending on which card you were authorized for and got.

When oriented vertically with the chip farthest from your body, both card types feature an embossed Verizon checkmark on the face of the card in the lower left-hand corner.

Your Verizon Visa Card number is in raised lettering on the back of the card.

How can I use Verizon Dollars to pay my Verizon Wireless bill? 

Verizon Wireless Account Owners or Account Managers can pay their Verizon Wireless invoices using Verizon Dollars:

In the My Verizon app or online, select Bill from the top menu, then Payment Choices. If you have Verizon Dollars, you may apply them to your bill in a Verizon Store.

Dial #PMT from your mobile phone to reach our automated phone system.

How do I use Verizon dollars to pay my Verizon Fios bill? 

To use the Verizon Up Rewards Center and apply earned Verizon Dollars to their Verizon Fios account, Fios customers must be registered in the Mobile + Home Discount program.

To pay your Verizon Fios bill with Verizon Dollars, use the My Fios app or My Verizon (Fios): Select Bill, then Pay Bill. If you have Verizon dollars, you can apply them to your bill.