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What does time sensitive mean on Snapchat?

Time Sensitive Notifications enable applications to transmit important alerts even when your iPhone is in focus mode. And now, Snapchat is getting on the bandwagon, releasing this iOS feature in Android and iOS that gives some alerts priority over others. We’ve got you covered if you’re bothered by Snapchat notifications that ignore DND mode. Let’s start to read about what does time sensitive mean on Snapchat and how to disable it. 

What Types of Time-Sensitive Notifications Does Snapchat Manage?

What important criteria Snapchat takes into account is still unknown when determining whether alerts require the “time sensitive” label. But there are a variety of ideas on this; allow me to briefly describe a few of them: 

People throughout the world have different explanations for this idea. Some claim that Snapchat ranks all messages as “time sensitive” and transmits them based on how much they engage with any Snap user.

However, some people think that Snapchat displays these alerts to determine which users you use the most to ignore. The actual Snapchat algorithm, which powers the app’s time-sensitive notification function, is still unknown.

Snapchat notifies users of messages, snap stories, or snap replies received by contacts who are classified as being in the “Time Sensitive category.”

time sensitive mean on Snapchat

What does time sensitive mean on Snapchat and its function?

You may have used the DND mode on your Android or iOS smartphone to prioritize which apps may give you alerts and who can contact you.

Limiting your constraints can be highly advantageous, although it might not always seem that way.

You might occasionally need to view certain alerts, including calls or messages from your closest Snapchat relationships. Time-sensitive Snapchat notifications

For this reason, even when you put barriers in place using the focus mode or DND mode, Time Sensitive notifications will still send you notifications that you may view on your lock screen. 

To make sure you can view the alerts, they stay there for at least an hour.

What is the process for turning off time sensitive Snapchat notifications?

Time-sensitive Snapchat alerts may occasionally be distracting, especially when you’re working. You should remove them. You always have the option to disable Time Sensitive alerts on any device.

I’ve covered the procedure for both iOS and Android smartphones; review the relevant instructions, as shown below, based on the smartphone you use:

On iPhone

To turn off Snapchat’s time-sensitive notifications on your iPhone, follow the instructions listed below: 

Step 1: Click “Notifications” after going to Settings from the home screen.

Step 2: Choose the part that says “Snapchat” by scrolling down.

Step 3: It’s now necessary to disable the “Time Sensitive Notifications” functionality. To turn it off, just drag the slider to the opposite side.

On Andriod

On your Android device, switch off time-sensitive Snapchat alerts by following the steps listed below: 

Step 1: Open Settings from the main menu.

Step 2: From the list, select the “Apps” option.

Step 3: Click “Manage Apps >> Snapchat” now.

Step 4: In the Snapchat section, tap the “Notifications” option.

Step 5: To complete the process, just switch off the toggles for any notifications that don’t seem significant to you.