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What Is Email Spoofing And Phishing

You have got an email from your friend telling you about something or some prank news. when you ask your friend about that email, he tells you that he didn’t send them. So what actually happened?

This is called email spoofing.

Email spoofing is creating emails with forged sender addresses. The goal of sending these emails could be leading you to a website for traffic, or to open a link that contains a virus.

This email spoofing is simple because the core protocols have no authentication.

Problems With Email Spoofing.

  • These spoofed emails can ask for personal data like bank account details, credit card details, etc.
  • The email may contain links that lead to viruses and malware.
  • The email may contain a link that leads to a phishing page.

How Email Is Spoofed?

The sender spoofs the from address, return path, and source IP address.

These properties can be easily altered by changing settings in Gmail, Hotmail, or by using other email software.

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  • If the email spoofer mails you with the name of your family member for some personal detail, just confirm it through the phone before giving a reply.
  • Hover on the form as shown below
  • The domain has to be matched i.e
  • Don’t open it if there are any suspicious attachments in the email.

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