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What Number is 1-800-922-0204?

What number is 1-800-922-0204? Scammers started using the caller ID 800-922-0204 to fake Verizon customer care. According to the complaint, the claimed caller allegedly offered consumers refunds ranging from $30 to $60. Receivers are required to trade personal data in order to execute refunds and service credits.

Many customers mistakenly think the call is from Verizon Wireless, even though the caller asks for personal information. When receivers gave their personal information, a certain amount of money was withdrawn from their bank account.

What Number is 1-800-922-0204

However, with the aid of some programs, it is now possible to fake the caller ID. Scammers may place calls posing as Verizon representatives. Therefore, if you ever receive a call from the number 1-800-922-0204, ask the caller what they are calling for before providing any personal information.

You should make sure the call is genuine. This article is all about this fake number. Let’s start to read this article thoroughly.

What Number is 1-800-922-0204 Verizon Wireless?

This fraud has existed in various forms since 2014. Last season, callers were directed to “request for a refund” via fake websites hosted by the scammers. It was easily recognizable because the scammers registered web addresses similar to Verizon’s actual addresses.

But they added two extra digits. (For example,,,, and so on.) The majority of these locations had closed by early 2015.

The caller is prompted to confirm their Verizon Wireless “account password,” which is vital information that should not be provided to unauthorized callers. Once revealed, anybody may call Verizon Wireless and make changes to your account.

Consumers frequently assume the calls are legitimate. Because their caller ID shows the calling number is from Verizon Wireless customer support. However, such caller ID information may now be readily modified or faked, making it more difficult than ever to determine who is calling.

Although it has been filling up 1-800 call monitoring websites for a few weeks now, we are unsure how long this scam will last. It is unquestionably an elaborate scam. Please use caution if “Technical Support” calls you.

Google has already identified the website as a phishing site, as you can see at the top of this piece, and has advised you not to enter should you attempt to do so.  If you do this and give your login information to the fraudsters, they may use it to get access to your Verizon account and carry out other types of harm. 

Complication with Verizon Wireless Number 

When customers contact Verizon Wireless at 1-800-922-0204 to report scam calls, the automated call attendant will validate any recent calls to your number that were legal customer care calls.

How can we prevent 1-800-922-0204 fraud?

The easiest way to prevent falling victim to this scam is to refuse to give out any personal information to unknown callers or to answer any unwanted calls from such numbers.

Giving away your entire name, address, any portion of a password for an account, social security number, credit card number, bank account information, etc. falls under this category.

If you are a previous client, any appropriate overpayment or overcharge will be instantly paid back to you on your next statement or mailed to the last address on file.

A Genuine Verizon call, How to know?

Here’s how you can spot it:

  • Verizon operators sound quite competent; they know their limits and speak clearly. They’ll never ask you for your Verizon password. Instead, they will tell you not to do so during any customer service calls.
  • The employee will start the refund process without your help if there is any overcharging.
  • They will not request access to your computer or the installation of any third-party software.
  • They will never ask you for personal information such as your address, social security number, or credit card number. 

How do I recognize a scam call from 800-922-0204?

Technology is rapidly evolving, and it is both good and harmful. Because it is now easy for fraudsters to impersonate whatever phone number they choose, it is hard to tell whether a call from 800-922-0204 is legitimate or a hoax.

What Number is 1-800-922-0204

However, many of these fraudulent calls have similar characteristics. They use a specific method to get you to divulge sensitive information in order to steal money from you.

It would be unfair to single out particular countries, but the majority of these cybercriminals are based in Nigeria, India, and other Southeast Asian nations. These guys usually operate in groups from a call center or a tiny office with just enough tools to defraud customers.

What is the purpose of Verizon calling me? How Can You Remain Alert?

  • The key point of the manual is found here. Read on to learn how to prevent being a victim of a scam:
  • Their broken accent should be your first clue. Some of them have been educated to speak like Americans, but it is easy to tell.
  • Always cross-examine them. You have the right to ask the caller to verify their identity before sharing any information, even if they are calling from Verizon. If you see anything strange, you can even hang up.
  • Pay attention to what they say. Typically, they are reading a script off a piece of paper and repeatedly repeating a few phrases. Even if you become upset or outraged, they always strive to seem calm and appealing.
  • Inquire about your existing Verizon plan’s validity and other specifics. If they don’t respond or try to avoid the issue at hand, that’s a red sign.
  • If they give you a refund, inform them that you were already offered one by another employee or that you have already gotten your refund.
  • Pay attention to the folks who are conversing near the phone. These con artists operate in groups and frequently transfer information to one another while on the phone. If you hear a lot of chatting or whispering, end the call right away and use your phone to contact Verizon customer service to find out what was said before.  
  • Additionally, you can request that they transfer your call to their senior colleague. Even if the caller simply handed the phone to the person seated next to him, you could tell if their claims were different.
  • Always keep in mind that these folks are not entirely self-assured, so if you play cleverly, you can break them with ease. Just end the call in the worst-case scenario. 

My Review: Verizon Wireless Service 

I’ve personally gotten so many dangerous calls over the past several weeks from a number that appears as “Technical Support” on my phone. because I have a Verizon Wireless service contact number.

By chance, “Technical Support” (800) 922-0204 is the phone number associated with that. It is an official Verizon customer support number, which is why it is displaying as though it already exists as a contact of mine.

The calls I’m getting inform me that I’ve won a special award for $54 and that I need to go to to get the money. They even made the statement that “Verizon always cares about you” to insist that I lock up their deal. They convinced me to give them all my personal information. Fortunately, I didn’t give my information and cut the call. 

Verizon Wireless Service Contact

If you have any problems, feel free to contact us by phone or visit the official website of our company for additional information. The phone numbers are.

  • 916-589-8603
  • 312-578-7022
  • 1-800-672-8150
  • 1-866-576-1039


If you have any problems or receive any suspicious calls from their phone number, you may notify customer support by calling this number. Customers may get answers to some of their most frequently asked inquiries on their website.

We hope this information has allayed your concerns concerning the number 800-922-0204. Even after reading this essay, you should be mindful of the calls you are about to receive. Visit the official portal to receive real customer support calls concerning phone calls or your cellular service. 

The page lists its customer service phone number as 800-922-0204. If you have any questions or receive any suspicious calls from their phone number, please use this hotline to notify them. I hope you got  an answer to your question What number is 1-800-922-0204. 


Is this 800.922 0204 a Verizon number?

Although Verizon Wireless’s official customer support number is 1-800-922-0204, it’s likely that con artists will try to trick you by calling this number. 

Whose phone number is 8009220204?

It’s conceivable for a call from Verizon 8009220204 to be real or to be from a con artist aiming to con you. Under no circumstances divulge any private or financial information on these calls for your own protection. Put the phone down and send an email, or call the hotline to contact customer service. 

How can I make a phone call to Verizon customer service?

You can end the call you received from 18009220204 if you sense anything is off, and try calling Verizon at these numbers instead:

  • 888-262-1999 for national accessibility
  • Verizon’s toll-free number is 888-294-6804.
  • 800-465-4054 Verizon Business
  • 800-225-5499 Verizon Sales

Verizon, do you require your social security number?

No, a Verizon employee will never request your social security number or any other personal data from you. You simply have to give the last four digits of your credit card number to verify your identification if you get a call from 800-922-0204. 

What should I do if I contact 1-800-922-0204?

Call 1-800-922-0204 for assistance with a range of Verizon Wireless-related difficulties, such as:

  • Payments and billing for accounts
  • Device diagnostics and repair
  • Plans and features for services
  • Purchasing new equipment
  • Reporting stolen or lost devices
  • Technical assistance

When I call 1-800-922-0204, how do I reach a real person?

When you dial 1-800-922-0204, an automated operator will welcome you. Press 0 to reach a live customer care person.

Is the 1-800-922-0204 phone number related to any scams?

Yes, there have been complaints of fraudsters impersonating the 1-800-922-0204 phone number in order to dupe individuals into providing personal information or money. Do not provide any personal information, such as your Social Security number or credit card number, if you receive a call from this number. Instead, hang up and dial the Verizon Wireless number stated on their website.