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Delete Unnecessary Files With Wise Disk Cleaner Software

Often junk files and all types of system files and other items you require less pile up on your PC. Wise Disk Cleaner unnecessary files occupy and fill up your computer’s hard disk which slows down your PC. A wise disc cleaner is used to delete these superfluous files on your hard disc to make space on your disc and make your computer run faster. Wisdom registry cleaner provides several custom options to permit advanced users to clean more files they don’t require. Since it is fitted with advanced algorithms, it can scan and remove within seconds hence efficiency.

Keeps Your PC Safe with Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner Features As Per Versions

Wise Disc Cleaner interface is customizable and easy to use. The tool also includes an inbuilt basic defragmenting tool.

Version 3.2

It has several bugs fixed: it cannot remove “remove windows updates’ uninstall files’. It has added the localization list add a USB drive.

Version 3.9

It has export entries to MS Excel and a new delete option: “move to location”. Through the advanced options, you can search files more accurately.

Version 6.1

It has increased the speed of deletion and the speed of starting a program. Security is also enhanced and can deeply scan for unnecessary files.

Version 7.0 beta

In this version, the software interface has been reconstructed, and has improved the file search algorithm. It is also easier to use scheduled tasks and reworked online help files.

Version 7.2

It is easy to use for novice users and has command-line support.

Version 7.5

The software minor bugs have been fixed and improved some language packs

Version 7.8

It newly supports the opera browser and the language package has been updated

Version 8.4

The wise disc has included support for user custom cleaning allowing individuals to customize the options in it suitable for advanced users.

Wise Disk Cleaner Steps To Clean The Disc

Step 1: When the software is launched, the main interface is displayed.

Step 2: Select the item you wish to scan depending on your needs

Step 3: After selecting you will find the list of useless and junk files after scanning

Step 4: Click the start cleaning to begin the cleanup.

Wise Disk Cleaner Installation Process

The tool can be downloaded since it is available online and run directly on your mac. Registry cleaner free download runs on a moderate amount of system resources. The file is only 2.36 MB and requires Windows 7,8,10, Vista, and XP. Temporary files are the main reason why the most system runs slowly. wise registry cleaner free is the correct software to keep your disc clean and spacious. The software is completely free and anyone can download Wise Disk Cleaner on their portable and nonportable PC.