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Deep Rock Galactic: Breach Cutter Builds

Deep Rock Galactic, a cooperative first-person shooter game set in destructible procedurally generated caves, is known for its unique class system and the variety of equipment builds players can create.

One such piece of equipment for the Engineer class is the Breach Cutter, a powerful weapon that can cut through hordes of enemies with its plasma beam.

Breach Cutter Builds

When it comes to Breach Cutter builds, there are several approaches players can take, each with its own advantages and strategic uses.

Deep Rock Galactic

For an effective Breach Cutter build, players often focus on maximizing the damage output and the width of the plasma beam to affect as many targets as possible.

One popular build enhances the Breach Cutter’s ability to deal with swarms by equipping mods that increase the weapon’s area of effect and add a stun or fear effect to the enemies hit. This not only clears groups of enemies but also provides crowd control, allowing the Engineer and their team to maneuver with more freedom during intense battles.

Another aspect to consider in your Breach Cutter builds is the ammunition count. Some players prefer to mod their Breach Cutter for maximum ammo capacity, ensuring they can rely on it throughout longer missions without having to resupply often. This is particularly useful in missions with a high number of waves where the Engineer’s other tools might not suffice.

For those who prioritize precision and power, a build focused on improving the Breach Cutter’s direct damage and armor-breaking capabilities might be ideal. Such builds allow players to target and take down larger, armored enemies more efficiently.

Breach Cutter builds

By tweaking the mods for faster charge-up time and increased projectile speed, the Breach Cutter becomes an even more formidable weapon against the game’s toughest foes.

In Deep Rock Galactic, versatility and adaptability are key. Therefore, some Breach Cutter builds aim to balance between various mods, creating a well-rounded tool that can handle multiple scenarios without specializing too much in one aspect. These balanced builds might not excel in any single area but provide a reliable performance across all typical encounters in the game.

It’s important to note that the Breach Cutter, like all gear in Deep Rock Galactic, can be further enhanced with Overclocks — special modifications that can drastically change how a weapon performs. Overclocks can amplify certain aspects of the Breach Cutter, such as its damage or utility, and can define a player’s approach to their Engineer playstyle.

Finally, when it comes to the Breach Cutter, players should also consider their overall loadout and how the weapon complements the other tools at their disposal. A build that integrates seamlessly with the player’s preferred grenades, secondary weapon, and support equipment will always be more effective than one that does not.

Mod Selection for Breach Cutter Builds

  • Swarm Handling: Select mods that cause fear or stun to manage large groups of enemies effectively.
  • Armor Piercing: Opt for armor-breaking capabilities to target the heavily armored foes with ease.
  • Rapid Deployment: Reduce charge-up time and increase projectile speed for a more responsive combat experience.

Breach Cutter in Team Play

  • Team Dynamics: Adjust your Breach Cutter build to support your team’s strategy and composition.
  • Synergistic Gameplay: Consider how the Breach Cutter can work in conjunction with your teammates’ weapons and abilities.

Mission-Specific Breach Cutter Builds

  • Environmental Considerations: Adapt your build to the cave complexity and type of mission you’re embarking on.
  • Enemy Targeting: Modify the Breach Cutter to deal with the specific threats present in your current objective.


In conclusion, the Breach Cutter is a versatile and powerful weapon in the Engineer’s arsenal in Deep Rock Galactic. Crafting the perfect Breach Cutter build requires players to weigh their options between damage, control, ammo capacity, and utility to suit their playstyle and the needs of their team. Whether you’re blasting through waves of Glyphids or taking down a Praetorian, the right Breach Cutter build can make all the difference in the deep and dark caverns of Hoxxes IV.