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How to make Cat in Little Alchemy

How to Make Cat in Little Alchemy – Our Little Alchemy Cheats Guide you. Cat in Little Alchemy is a fun game to play online and will give you some great skills for playing more games online. This Little Alchemy Cheats guide will show you how to make Cat in the game using the four base items.

How to make cat in Little Alchemy?

To make a Cat in Little Alchemy, you combine “Milk” and “Wild Animal”. Here’s how you can create these elements leading up to the Cat:

  • Combine Air and Water to create Rain.
  • Combine Rain and Earth to make Plant.
  • Combine Fire and Air to create Energy.
  • Combine Air and Energy to make Wind.
  • Combine Earth and Fire to create Lava.
  • Combine Lava and Air to make Stone.
  • Combine Wind and Stone to create Sand.
  • Combine Sand and Fire to make Glass.
  • Combine Sand and Glass to create Time.
  • Combine Plant and Time to make Tree.
  • Combine two Trees to create a Forest.
  • Combine Earth and Water to make Mud.
  • Combine Plant and Mud to make Swamp.
  • Combine Swamp and Energy to create Life.
  • Combine Forest and Life to get Wild Animal.
  • Combine Plant and Earth to create Grass.
  • Combine Earth and Life to make Human.
  • Combine Plant and Human to create Farmer.
  • Combine Farmer and Life to get Livestock.
  • Combine Grass and Livestock to make Cow.
  • Combine Cow and Human to produce Milk.
  • Finally, combine Milk and Wild Animal to make a Cat​1​.
How to make Cat in Little Alchemy

What can you make with cat in Little Alchemy?

Combine withCreate
musicKeyboard Cat
wild animallion

Walkthrough for cat in Little Alchemy

  1. earth + fire = lava
  2. earth + water = mud
  3. air + water = rain
  4. air + fire = energy
  5. earth + rain = plant
  6. air + lava = stone
  7. earth + plant = grass
  8. air + stone = sand
  9. mud + plant = swamp
  10. fire + sand = glass
  11. energy + swamp = life
  12. earth + life = human
  13. glass + sand = time
  14. human + plant = farmer
  15. plant + time = tree
  16. tree + tree = forest
  17. farmer + life = livestock
  18. forest + life = wild animal
  19. grass + livestock = cow
  20. cow + human = milk
  21. milk + wild animal = cat

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