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HP LaserJet 1018 Printer Driver Free Download For Windows 8, 7, XP

The HP LaserJet 1018 is a compact printer suitable for small office or home use. It delivers up to 12ppm and can achieve resolutions of up to 1200dpi. This is a reliable printer that comes are a very reasonable price.

It uses ink cartridges you can effortlessly replace when they run out. It is undoubtedly the printer to have if you have small printing demands and require reliability and high-quality precision printing.

HP LaserJet 1018 Printer Driver Download For Windows

You can choose to download The HP LaserJet 1018 printer driver for different operating systems like Windows 8, 7, XP, Linux, or Mac. There are also Different versions are available for download.

You can choose between the Basic version and the Full-featured version of the drivers. The basic version is for quick installation and contains the basic drivers required to run your plug-and-play printer connected via USB. There is also the difference in printer languages plc5 and plc6.

The PLc6 provides additional features such as better graphics and faster printer response time. It is available in the full-featured driver, which also contains Wireless drivers, and LAN Drivers, for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LAN installation and operation.

HP LaserJet 1018 Printer Driver Problems

Installing new drivers can help solve many printer issues. When your printer drivers are mission or corrupted, your printer may have the following symptoms.

Unknown hardware’ pops up whenever you connect to your computer.

Printer not or Printing blank pages when you attempt to print something.

Error lights and blinking LED when the printer is connected to your computer.

HP LaserJet 1018 Driver Downloading And Installation Guide

Click on the appropriate driver download link

Tick on the check box to agree to the terms & conditions

Select the download now’ option by clicking on the button

Choose to save the file if you are using the Firefox browser, Chrome will begin downloading automatically.

Go to the download location and double-click on the executable file to install the driver software.

Follow the on-screen instructions to the end of the installation and click finish. You can also refer to the driver installation manual for directions.