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Disable (turn off) “seen” Feature In Facebook Messages

Facebook is a place where you feel much closer to your friends by chatting, sharing your information, updates, etc. But sometimes there will be some people whom you cannot avoid . They keep messaging you and you cannot escape from them because Facebook has a feature called “seen”. So in order to escape from such annoying situations, you can disable your ‘Seen ‘notification.

Disable Facebook Seen Feature In Google Chrome

There is an extension called ‘FB unseen’ on Google store which you can add to chrome to disable the ‘seen’ notification.

  • Go to the chrome store. Search for ‘FB unseen’.

  • Click ‘add to chrome’.
  • After adding open Settings->Extensions in the chrome browser.
  • In the extensions open FB unseen and choose the settings.

Now you can check the feature with your friends.

The above Extension works only for Google chrome.

Disable Facebook Seen Feature In Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the below link in Firefox

  • In the search type ‘chat undetected’.
  • Install it.

After installing this Add-on the seen feature in Facebook messages gets disabled.

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