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How to Disable (turn off) “seen” Feature In Facebook Messages

The “Seen” feature in Facebook messages lets the sender know when their message has been viewed by the recipient. While this can be handy in some scenarios, not everyone appreciates this level of transparency. Some users prefer to read messages without notifying the sender immediately. If you’re one of those who wishes to disable the “Seen” feature, this article is for you.

But sometimes there will be some people whom you cannot avoid. They keep messaging you and you cannot escape from them because Facebook has a feature called “seen”. So in order to escape from such annoying situations, you can disable your ‘Seen ‘notification.

Disable the Facebook Seen Feature In Google Chrome

There is an extension called ‘FB unseen’ on the Google Store which you can add to Chrome to disable the ‘seen’ notification.

  • Go to the Chrome store. Search for ‘FB unseen’.
  • Click ‘add to chrome’.
  • After adding open Settings->Extensions in the Chrome browser.
  • In the extensions open FB unseen and choose the settings.

Now you can check the feature with your friends.

The above Extension works only for Google Chrome.

Disable Facebook Seen Feature In Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the below link in Firefox.
  • In the search type ‘chat undetected’.
  • Install it.

After installing this Add-on the seen feature in Facebook messages gets disabled.

Disable the iPhone’s FB Messenger Read Receipts feature

You may disable Facebook Messenger’s read receipts if you use an iPhone by doing the following steps.

First Method: Disable Active Status

Step 1: Open the Messenger app and tap the upper-left Profile icon.

Select Active Status in Step 2.

Step 3: Disable the toggle that is next to the option to “Show while you’re active.”

Step 4: Select Turn Off once more when prompted to “turn off Active Status.”

Other Facebook users won’t be able to find out when you’re using this approach to log into the app. Unless they have also turned off the function, you will still be able to see when other people are online.

Step 2: Switch to Aeroplane Mode

Step 1: From the icon menu, swipe down from the top of your phone and select Aeroplane Mode. Alternatively, you may activate Aeroplane Mode by going to Settings.

Step 2: Open your Messenger app and choose the conversation you wish to read, making sure the sender is unaware of it.

Step 3: Next, be sure you slide the app out of your app drawer and shut it.

Step 4: After that, you may turn off airplane mode.

The sender won’t know that you have viewed their communication while this is going on.

How to Disable Android’s Facebook Messenger Read Receipts?

Using the same procedure as option 2 above, Android users may disable read receipts on Facebook Messenger. Simply activate the Aeroplane Mode and see your Messenger message. After that, you may switch off Aeroplane Mode.

On a PC, turn off Facebook Messenger Read Receipts.

You may disable read receipts in Facebook Messenger for PC users by following these steps.

First, activate aeroplane mode.

Step 1: If you are using a browser for Messenger, you need to download and install a Messenger app first so that the following movements may be available.

Step 2: Use the app to log into your account, then minimize the Messenger window.

Step 3: In the Search box, type “aeroplane mode” and click Start.

Step 4: Click on the choice located in the “Best match” area.

Step 5: Next, activate your aeroplane mode by clicking the toggle button.

Step 6: Return to the Messenger app and start a new chat.

Step 7: Switch off airplane mode and close the application.

Method2: Make Use of an App

Step 1: Install Facebook Unseen on your PC by downloading it.

Step 2: After the installation is complete, the address bar of your browser will have an icon next to it.

Step 3: Select “Block the “Seen” function by clicking the box next to the logo symbol.

Then, you have effectively prevented Facebook Messenger from reading receipts.

How to Disable PC Messenger Read Receipts

Users of Facebook are unable to disable the read message receipts. However, we have a workaround for this restriction if your laptop is Windows-based. Observe the guidelines listed below:

  1. Install the Messenger desktop software. It won’t work with the standard browser version of Messenger.
  2. Use the app to sign into your Facebook account.
  3. In the lower right corner, click the Start button, then type “aeroplane mode.”
  4. Click the toggle button to turn on aeroplane mode when you’ve opened the menu.
  5. Open the discussion with the unread message by using the Messenger Desktop client.
  6. Shut off the app after viewing the warning.
  7. Return to the Aeroplane mode menu and choose “Off” on the toggle button.

How to use a third-Party app?

Use third-party apps like Facebook Unseen if you don’t have an Aeroplane mode or don’t want to lose your Internet connection. This is how to apply it:

  1. Set up the programme on your computer. The app’s logo icon will then show up next to the address bar of your browser after you’ve finished.
  2. Click the app’s emblem.
  3. Check the box next to Block the “Seen” feature.

That’s all; the selected Facebook conversation will no longer have any read message receipts.


You may take tremendous control over how you communicate with your contacts and preserve your privacy by disabling the “seen” option in Facebook Messages. You have greater freedom and control over your online behavior when you disable this function, which prevents others from knowing when you have viewed their messages.


How do I disable visible messages?

  • To handle read receipts on an Android device, follow these steps:
  • Launch the Messages app on Google.
  • In the upper-right area of the app screen, tap on your profile symbol.
  • Choose the Message Settings menu item.
  • Decide on the General.
  • Choose RCS conversations.
  • Toggle off the read receipts feature by looking for the Send Read Receipts option.

Without reading receipts, how can you read messages?

How Can I View a Message on Both iOS and Android Without the Sender Knowing?

  • Step 1: Select Aeroplane Mode.
  • Step 2: Via the Notification Hub.
  • Step 3: Back up and view LINE chat data using a third-party tool.