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Block Facebook Using Host File In Windows

Block Facebook Using Host File In Windows: Today Facebook had become a habit in their daily life. It has more disadvantages than advantages. Mainly youth and teenagers are addicted to Facebook. This had become the most serious issue for today’s generation. There is definitely a need to limit or block Facebook using Host files in Windows.

There are few people who really do not want to use Facebook but could not stop themselves. So here is a tip for all those people and the parents who want their children to stay away from Facebook.

  • What Is A Host File?

A host file is a simple list of hostnames and their IP address.

Three Simple Steps To Block Facebook Using Host File In Windows

  1. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file

The path is the same for all windows operating systems.

  1.   Open the hosts’ file in notepad.
  2.   At the end of the script add the following

Now try to open Facebook through your browser. As you had blocked Facebook you can never access it.

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Sometimes this trick won’t work with Windows 8

So before performing the trick you had to add a host file to exclude the list.

Open windows defender application

Go to settings and add the host path to the exclude as shown below.

After adding, perform the above steps.

Way To Unblock Facebook?

You can unblock Facebook by simply deleting  from the host’s file.

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Extra tip:

  • Take a backup of your host file before modifying it.
  • Not only Facebook you can also block other websites in a similar way.

If i missed any point or had any problem let me know through comments

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