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Steps to Hide Friend list in Facebook from others

Hide Friend List in Facebook From Other: Did you anytime try to search for a mutual friend from your friend’s friends list and couldn’t find it. This is because he had actually hide friends list in Facebook from people who look into his profile. Though a friends list helps to find friends, people prefer to hide because of security and other personnel issues.

In response to many complaints given by people, now Facebook offers a way to hide your friends’ list from others.

Steps to Hide Friend List in Facebook from others

So here are the steps to hiding friends list


First, you have to go to your timeline where you can see your friends list.

Step 2:

Click on “Friends”.

You can see the list of your friends.

Go to the top right corner where you will find the “Edit” option and click on it.

Step 3:

You can see a dropdown menu.

Select option “Only Me” from it, this option hides your friend’s list from everyone

If you want only your friends to see your friends list select the “Friends” option.

Note: You can choose “custom” and select the names of a few people from whom you want to hide your friend’s list.

Hope you follow these steps and hide your friend’s list. By doing so you can stop worrying about security issues on Facebook. Keep visiting our website and encourage us.

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